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Office Art Collaboration with Relish

By Amy Wright | Nov 27, 2019

Art has been proven to be an excellent way to cultivate a positive work environment, stimulate creativity and increase productivity*. These findings are what inspired our new Office Art project where we've partnered with many companies within our community in order to help them foster positive office culture through personalized Canvaspop wall art.

Since starting this project, we have seen some really creative and beautiful ways that these companies have incorporated custom wall art to their office. Whether it’s to showcase their product, highlight their team or communicate their values, there are so many different ways to add custom wall art that is as unique as your company and that will enhance office vibes.

We were so excited to partner with Relish, when we discovered that they wanted their wall art to be a testament to their employees' best work. It’s truly a great way to highlight the amazing work that has been done at their company and in collaboration with their clients - and they definitely have some breathtaking artwork to show for it.


We spoke with Justin Sadler, the creative director at Relish, to see how he felt about forging a positive work environment and how their custom wall art affected their space:

1) Relish really seems to care about creating an inspired workplace for their employees. What have you done and how do you cultivate a positive work culture and why do you think that it’s so important?

"As a service agency, the work we do at Relish is creative, engaging, and always changing. We develop and build multi-platform content, interactive experiences, animated content, games, and apps for web and mobile platforms for leading brands. We have the privilege of working on really exciting projects with some of the best clients any interactive agency could ask for. While the work is incredibly rewarding—it's seen by millions of people all over the world—it's also demanding. It's a tight-deadline, high-stress environment. It sounds cliche, but we foster a collaborative and supportive work culture because we're only as good as our people. We have a diverse and highly talented team of designers, developers, producers, storytellers, and all-round problem solvers across three countries. And the only way to keep good people is to truly value them and engage them in work that matters. Our people are passionate about their work and are always looking to contribute to our success, partly because we empower our teams to develop and test their own ideas. Everyone has a voice at Relish."

2) How do you think wall art and a well-designed office space impact your work environment?

"It's important that our physical office environments reflect the kind of energy and dynamism that's required of our team. We want people to want to come to work. Our buildings help achieve that—we have architecturally unique offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Los Angeles and in Costa Rica. We also think it's important to celebrate success and a great way to do that is by showcasing our team's work. The interactive work we do is inherently visual and there are real people—designers, illustrators, developers, animators—behind the scenes who spend countless hours crafting these experiences from the ground up. The quality of the work they create is a point of pride so it's important to recognize it. We want our people to know that we value their contributions, so featuring their creative work prominently in our offices serves as a daily reminder of that. Every time they look up, they can be proud of their success as individuals and as a team."


3) The theme you chose for your Canvaspop office art represents projects you have done in the past. How do you serve and focus on the digital & creative community?

"We serve the digital and creative communities in several different and meaningful ways. First, by giving people the opportunity to work with us in creating rich interactive experiences for the world to see and play. Secondly, many of the experts we have on-staff here attend, participate in, and help organize community events for the creative class. Several of them also teach courses at various post-secondary institutions. Further, we've forged relationships with many of those institutions to provide job opportunities to new grads and learning opportunities to co-op students."

4) What feedback did you receive from employees regarding your current office space design and when they found out you would be adding more wall art to your space?

"Our team was excited to create a couple feature wall designs that showcase the incredible work we do across our entire company. The wall art is a testament to the amazing people we have here and the incredible clients we work with every day."

5) Would you recommend office art from Canvaspop to other companies? If so, why?

"Unreservedly. Canvaspop not only has a top-notch product, but unparalleled customer service."


*See our Blog for more details and statistics.

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