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Office Art Collaboration with Splice

By Amy Wright | Nov 27, 2019

After researching, conducting surveys and writing our blog on how office art creates an inspired workplace we feel confident in saying that wall art truly plays an important role in fostering positive work culture. Wall art can encourage positive moods, increase productivity, stimulate creative thinking, elevate a collective team identity and communicate a company's vision*.

These positive findings lead to our new Office Art Project where we partnered with companies in aims to help them create their very own inspiring workspace with customized Canvaspop wall art.

We thought it would be fitting to start with one of our neighbours in the Ottawa community, They put a strong emphasis on office culture, so they were really thrilled to partner with us on this project.

When asked what type of art they envisioned for their space, Splice believed that displaying their favourite quotes would help them stay motivated, feel more connected as a team and remind them of their company core values. This would also help them stay focused on the bigger picture, regardless of what comes their way and thus ensuring they stay on the path towards achieving their goals.


Here’s what the VP of Sales and Marketing at Splice, Sarah Powers, had to say about creating an inspired workspace and the impact of their new personalized Canvaspop office art:

1) Even as a growing business, Splice really seems to prioritize cultivating a positive work culture and environment for their employees. Why is this so important to you?

“We believe that culture is a huge part of any company’s success! Culture has the ability to accelerate efforts, create connection and allow individuals/departments to thrive. On the flip side, it also has the ability to quickly create a divide, decrease productively and shift focus. Hiring cultural fits and likeminded mindset is something we believe is extremely important not only for the companies success but also for employees' individual success within their role.”

2) How do you think wall art and a well-designed office space impacts your office environment?

“It’s been proven that a well-designed workplace can drastically improve performance, well-being and satisfaction. There are many factors to creating a comfortable workplace; free of clutter, good lighting, equipment, space, etc... We definitely believe a big part of creating that environment is, personalization! Whether it's with art, quotes, paintings, murals, colour, etc... Your space is a reflection of your company and the individuals within it. Make sure it aligns and that it's attracting the right people.”


3) The theme you chose for your Canvaspop gallery wall was of inspirational quotes. What inspired this choice?

“We wanted a different way to display our company values. You often go to offices and see companies' core values posted on the wall and we wanted to do something a little different. We felt that choosing quotes that spoke to each of our main core values might evoke more emotion among us than just seeing the word "Team" on the wall.”

4) What feedback did you receive from employees when they saw the wall art in your office space?

“We had asked the team to submit some of their favourite quotes, ones they felt spoke to our core values. Seeing some of the quotes they submitted posted up on our wall was a hit. It was a great team exercise and now we have an amazing display of our core values in the office for our employees, clients and potential hires to see.”

5) Would you recommend office art from Canvaspop to other companies? If so, why?

“I would definitely recommend office art from Canvaspop. They were extremely helpful in providing us with suggestions and layouts that would fit our space. They also sent two lovely staff members to help us hang it - it was a great experience.”


*See our Blog for more details and statistics.

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