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Affordable abstract art you'll love

By Amy Wright | Dec 24, 2021

Have you ever walked by an art shop or gallery window and been stopped cold by a big, beautiful abstract artwork hanging in the window? Most of us have, and it’s no wonder why! Abstract art is naturally provocative and intriguing, demanding our attention and stirring up our emotions with its imagery, colors, and textures.

Although many people are naturally drawn to abstract art and would love to display it in their homes, they shy away because they think it’s too expensive. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! Canvaspop has a wide selection of original and quality abstract wall art that will add style to your home, become an instant conversation piece, and reflect your unique personal tastes—all without breaking the bank.

Here are some of our favorite (and affordable) abstract art prints that you can add to your personal collection.

The iridescent oblong shapes in this abstract art piece have a futuristic quality that invites onlookers to philosophize about the world to come or merely immerse themselves in the mystery of the present moment. The moody color palette adds gravitas and will stand out particularly well against light-colored walls and rooms that get a lot of sunshine.

Color blocks are a staple of the abstract art world, and this Rothko-esque artwork uses them to bold effect. The straight lines and vast expanses depicted on the canvas set the stage for quiet contemplation. The neutral grays, whites, and blacks of this abstract wall art make it a versatile piece that can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any kind of room, but would look particularly stunning mounted on a wall of eggshell white or matte black.


Red is a color that refuses to be ignored, so this two-toned abstract canvas art will definitely be an attention-getter in your home. Don’t let its apparent simplicity fool you. The asymmetrical shapes and stark lines in this abstract painting naturally draw the eye to it and inspire deep thoughts. To make the most of this eye-catching print, surround it with warm colors and rich wood furniture that will accentuate the red tone.


Playing on the traditional subjects of fruits and flowers, this abstract art print introduces vibrancy and movement through white scribbled-looking sketch marks that bring these objects to life in an unexpected way. Although its subject matter makes it a natural fit for the kitchen or dining room, this print would just as easily stand out in a living room or bedroom. The black background and limited color palette make a statement without overwhelming the senses.


A visual puzzle that is both aesthetically confounding and pleasing to the eye, this abstract art print defies easy interpretation. Is it an artistic take on the horizon? A stack of magazines against a blue wall? The more you look at it, the more depth and dimension it seems to take on. Such a thought-provoking piece deserves a place of prominence in your home, making it an ideal element in your living room or dining room.

How to display abstract art in your home

We’ve written before about how to incorporate abstract art into your home, and how to use color, subject, and placement to maximum effect. In a nutshell, your personal taste should always be your guiding light when it comes to making these decisions. Whether you choose to display one large statement-making piece, hang complementary canvas prints side-by-side in a diptych or triptych arrangement, or curate a gallery wall of several of your favorite prints, you’re the creative director of your home, so make full use of your artistic instincts and preferences.

Find affordable abstract art for your home on Canvaspop

Are you feeling inspired to refresh your home with an abstract wall art print? Start by browsing our selection of quality original abstract art prints. Choose from hundreds of prints to find the perfect fit for your interior decor and your budget. Then, customize it by selecting your size and framing options. We take care of the rest and ship your new abstract art right to your door.

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