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How to Add Wall Art to Your Kitchen

By Amy Wright | Sep 30, 2019

While your kitchen may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking about adding wall art to your home, it should definitely not be overlooked. After all, it’s likely that you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, especially if you enjoy cooking. So why not add some more excitement and love to the walls of your kitchen by framing your favorite photos or creating custom canvas prints. We’ve cooked up a list of tips on how to add wall art to your kitchen so that don’t miss the opportunity to add the spark that your kitchen needs.

1. Hang it on the walls

Yes, we’re keeping it simple to start since it’s not always obvious to find available wall space in the kitchen. If you have wall space that’s unoccupied by appliances or cabinets, then that’s the perfect spot to start. Some great places include the wall behind your kitchen table, the space between your windows, or you can even try hanging a few canvas prints pieces vertically on a narrow wall that you may have otherwise left blank. Another awesome way to hang your wall art is to fill the space above countertops that have no shelves above them. This will create a really unique look and family prints will bring warmth to your walls.

Canvas print of couple under a tree in kitchen

2. Create a backsplash

If you don’t have tiling or a backsplash above your countertops or below your cabinets, then frame prints can be the perfect addition to fill that blank space. A frame is your best bet here since the glass will protect it from the occasional grease spatter. This is also a clever way to add that pop of color that your kitchen was missing.

Framed prints of family against backsplash in kitchen

3. Place it on a shelf

Open shelving and floating shelves are the new top kitchen trends and can really open up your space. Take advantage of this trend and make it your own by adding plants, cool decorative items, and leaning canvas or framed prints.

Canvas print of mother and daughter on shelf in kitchen

4. Arrange it above cabinets

If none of these spaces work in your kitchen, not to worry, you can still display your canvas above your cabinets. Yes, you read that correctly, think outside the box and hang them above your cabinets or lean them against the wall. If you have the space, adding prints above the top cabinets is a really cool spot to add your favorite art. It draws the eye up making the space look even larger, not to mention, a one-of-a-kind stylish look that ties your kitchen together.

Canvas print of beach in dining room

Good food, a warm kitchen, and personalized wall art make a house a home. So add some wall art to your kitchen to make it a more inviting space that people will love to gather in and share important moments together. With your beautiful custom canvas prints and framed prints, you can bet there will be too many cooks in the kitchen. Also, Canvaspop canvas prints are water, fade, scratch, crack, and warp-resistant which means they can handle the heat of the kitchen and all the potential messes that come with it.

Upgrade your kitchen with custom wall art
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