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Our photos and memories make a house a home

By Amy Wright | Feb 7, 2022

No matter what size your house may be or where it’s located, home is literally where the heart is. So, whether you’re living in an apartment building, two-family home, or a mansion, the amount of love you put into your home is all that matters. One great way to make your house feel warmer and more loving, and inviting is by posting photos and memories on your walls. Nevertheless, doing so seems to be a practice that is becoming a lost art. With that in mind, the following is a closer look at reasons to consider decorating your walls with photos.

Improve your happiness

One of the top reasons to consider posting photos in your home is because experts assert that it may help improve your level of happiness. Specifically, studies have shown that hanging artwork can help relieve stress. It can help us become calmer and envision happier times. It can also help get your creative juices flowing and can obviously add some pizzazz to the walls in your home. Although photos aren’t necessarily artwork, there are plenty of ways to make them look as such. Doing so may literally make you feel happier on a daily basis.

Commemorate special moments

Similarly, another great reason to post family portraits, photos, and memories on the walls of your home is that it can be a great way to commemorate special moments of your life. No matter if it’s birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, award ceremonies, vacations, or any other memory that you hold dear, printing these photos on can be a fantastic way to honor these special occasions. Moreover, you can post these photo prints in various areas of your home to make your home feel more cheerful and inviting.

Strengthen your memories

Another great reason to decorate your walls with canvas prints is that it can help you strengthen your memories. As most of us continue to age, we tend to get more forgetful. This can cause us to forget about important events, people, and more. However, by framing your photos of these people and events, you will ensure that they remain fresh in your mind for the long haul.

Family enjoying dinner around the table

Travel and experience more

Many people post photos of vacations and unique experiences they’ve had. These photos not only serve as a reminder of all the good times we’ve had, but they can also serve to motivate us to visit more places and try even more new things. In addition, looking at those photos gives us a sense of excitement, which can then trigger us to want to create more of those experiences. Therefore, if you surround yourself with prints of exciting vacations and excursions, you are likely to plan to do similar things in the future.

Create a unique aesthetic

In the past, we were essentially limited to posting basic photos of ourselves, our families, and past events. Therefore, the only excitement we got from the photos was based on the poses, colors, etc., that we chose at that moment. However, with the power of photo editing, we can add all sorts of bells and whistles to our photographs. So, for instance, if you want your walls to be adorned in certain colors, you can add prints with your favorite hues. Likewise, if you prefer to post only black and white photos or photos with a certain filter on them, you can easily have the Canvaspop design team edit your photo memories with Canvaspop before printing and hanging them on your wall.

Finishing your decorations

No matter how great your interior aesthetic may be, many experts assert that your decorating is not complete until you hang some artwork on your wall. Although this can be achieved in many ways, like by choosing wall art that speaks to you from one of our designer curated collections, our favourite and most personalized way to do so is by printing your own photos to adorn your walls. Take the time to search for the perfect moments and have them edit by our design team until they are perfect for the rooms and spaces you choose.

You can pass them down

Although most of us store all of our photos online and use that as a way to hold on to our memories, that is not the only way to go about it. Rather, by creating and printing photos, you will have something that you can literally pass down to others. These can be given as gifts or as mementos when we lose someone, or when they simply move away. Framing and hanging your photos give you a way to hand out physical photos that hold depictions of your most treasured memories and people.

Creating a focal point

Moreover, printing custom canvas prints can be an amazing way to create a focal point that ensures your home has the perfect aesthetic for your taste. So, for instance, if you enjoy photos of the wilderness or the great outdoors, you can strategically place such photos around your home. The eyes of your guests will immediately be drawn to them as they wander throughout your home. Otherwise, focal points can be hard to create as they require you to choose décor and pieces that visitors are most likely to be drawn to, where with photos you can instantly create a connection to a shared place in time.

Add texture

Moreover, photo prints also add a level of texture to your décor. This is very important when you live in a home in which all of the walls are the same color. This can also add a pop of color to monochrome color schemes. Either way, if your home has an understated vibe, adding photos can be all you need to take your aesthetic to the next level.

Overall, printing and hanging your own photos can be as fun as it is rewarding. This is especially true for those who enjoy DIY projects. Either way, printing family photos is an excellent way to boost your level of happiness, remind you of the good times, and can even motivate you to strive for more out of life in general. Carefully select your favorite family photo memories and see where it takes you. You may just totally transform your house and make it feel like the perfect home!

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