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Office Art Collaboration with Canopy Growth

By Amy Wright | Nov 27, 2019

The objective of our Office Art project is to showcase the positive impacts of enriched office environments through customized Canvaspop wall art. “If you enrich a space, people feel much happier and work better; a very good way of doing this is by using art.” According to Dr Craig Knight, who has studied the psychology of working environments for 12 years at the University of Exeter (via the Guardian).

Wall art is a great way to control what your environment is communicating, such as emphasizing your company’s vision or core values. It’s a reflection of your company’s culture and keeps the office environment engaging and visually interesting.

One of our partners for our Office Art Project was Canopy Growth. We felt inspired to collaborate with them since even through their rapid growth, they have always prioritized maintaining a positive work environment. Moreover, they’re always seeking to continuously improve the employee and client experience which is why they were excited to create and receive their very own personalized wall art.


The artwork they chose was stunning, to say the least, and their reasoning behind their selected wall art design was truly inspiring. Read what Jessica Hay, the creative director at Canopy Growth, had to say about creating an inspired office space through art.

1) Canopy Growth really seems to care about creating an inspired workplace for its employees. What have you done and how do you cultivate a positive work culture and why do you think that it’s so important?

"Nearly 2 years ago Canopy developed a set of guiding principles. They are a set of values that reflect the people and work ethic we had as a team that took us from 30 employees to 2000+. For a company that has grown so quickly, it became very important for us to align on what our values were to ensure that no matter how large and far we grew, the core of who we are and what we represent is the same.

Depending on the type of work you do at Canopy some departments embrace certain pillars more deeply than others. Our work culture is incredibly important because it keeps us all moving in the same direction and feel supported along the way.

Some of my favourite principles that we value on the creative team are : 'Catch People Doing Things Right' - means to acknowledge and thank the people who have helped you out, or have done a good job and gone above and beyond. A small acknowledgement can go a long way. 'Get Sht Done' - This means not just getting something done because it's your job. When we have tight timelines or rush jobs, it means everything pulling together to make sure we are working to complete something on time, while following the right process and producing top quality results.*

I embrace these principles in our regular meetings such as morning huddles, and recognition programs. As a result, the rest of the team does the same."

2) How do you think wall art and a well-designed office space impact your work environment?

"We are a team of creatives and there is nothing more uninspiring than bare walls. A creative work environment is a huge contributor to this. It keeps the team wanting to come to work every day and enjoy the work they are creating while being there."


3) How does the theme you chose for your Canvaspop office art represent Canopy Growth? How do you serve people in your community?

"We chose a theme that represents the industry we work in. We all have a part to play in breaking down the stigma associated with cannabis. Whether this is outside of the workplace or within and how we communicate that is important to us. Some of these photographs were art directed and curated by my team. It's important for us to acknowledge great work and showcase it at every opportunity. We frame and post cannabis art that succeeds in breaking down the stereotypes and is a reflection of the great work the team creates every day.

Within our community, our objective is to break down stigma through education. We have a fantastic program through our company called 'Grow Good Together'. An initiative where employees go into our local communities and volunteer hours to support local needs. We also have various education programs and fundraisers."

4) What feedback did you receive from employees regarding your current office space design and when they found out you would be adding more wall art to your space?

"The team was overall excited to have new artwork in our space. We are already planning for more."

5) Would you recommend office art from Canvaspop to other companies? If so, why?

"Definitely, the team was very easy to work with. It's difficult finding the time to design and install pieces like this, easily it can fall on the back burner when you don't have the support and need to block out the time to do it yourself. CanvasPop helped plan a layout that would work for our space and came in to help install."


*See our Blog for more details and statistics.

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