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How to savor joyful moments

By Amy Wright | Jul 26, 2022

A photograph is more than just an image. It’s a snapshot of a specific memory — an anchor, if you will, that lets you relive a joyous memory over and over again.

Simply looking at a photograph puts a wide smile on your face. You don’t even know it’s happening. You don’t even know you are smiling. It just happens. It’s your subconscious response. When looking at photographs, that particular moment comes back to you, along with all the emotions that you felt when that photograph was originally captured. It’s as though you get transported back in time. You hear the sounds around you, you feel the taste of what you were having, you can even smell the air that was around you.

But have you ever stopped and wondered why this happens? What mystical powers does a photograph hold within itself that takes you on a trip down memory lane?

The answer lies in how we savor all the joyous moments in our life. When you really dig deep into it, you will realize that you can only vividly recall those moments in your life that you captured in a photograph. By capturing a moment in a photograph, we crystallize the memory in our brain — along with what happened a few moments before.

And if you want to savor your joyful moments to the fullest - Print your photographs! It turns out that despite digital snaps, people still get excited over printed photographs.

Why is that? Printed photographs stimulate our senses better than their digital counterparts, offering a stronger ‘reliving’ experience. There is a magical quality to reliving your candid moments through printed photographs. It’s almost as if your memory becomes more tangible when you get them printed.

When you are looking at a digital photograph, you are looking at a screen. Turn the screen off and the photograph goes poof! But when you get a memory printed as a photograph, it remains there on canvas — forever. In a way, a printed photo becomes a marker of a significant event in life. It’s the reason digital photographs will never evoke strong memories the way printed photographs do.

Don’t give your candid shots the shorter end of the stick

Some of the best moments in life happen when you are not expecting them. Sure, you would whip your smartphones out and take a candid shot, but what do you do with it next? Share it on your social media and maybe also upload it to your clouds? You think you have ‘saved’ this memory, but you haven’t — not really. You have only ‘stored’ the image digitally, and you would likely never see it again.

But there are some candid shots that deserve the Canvaspop treatment.

Canvas print of old friends in living room

Established love

Your significant other makes a goofy face, and you manage to snap a picture of them without them knowing. They have never looked more adorable than they did just now. And once they realize that you snapped them, they will feign annoyance, and you probably will not see that look ever again.

Our life is full of such heart-stopping moments with our significant others. And these moments deserve better than to be relegated to photo backups and eventually forgotten. Let your memories live on with canvas prints.

Canvas print of friends in living room

Child-parent love

Perhaps the purest form of love is a parent’s love for their children. There is no substitute for it. And what other way to celebrate this love that to get the candid shots printed. The best memories are those that you can look back on and remember how much fun you had with your children. Apart from preserving memories for your children, you are telling them how much you love them and how much care about them. These photographs will help you create a strong a bond with your children and build a healthy relationship. As they grow up, both you and your children, can look back at these memories and reaffirm their affection and adoration for one another. These pictures would make the perfect gallery wall that also helps you relive moments that may otherwise be forgotten.

Framed print of mother and daughter

Young love

There is nothing as magical or exciting as the feeling of having found the right one. Why not document your relationship and keep the memories alive forever? When you take a candid shot of your partner, you feel a tinge of blooming love for them. You will relive the same energy and chemistry every time you pick up the photographs and look at them.

Years from now, seated on a couch or by the fireplace with your framed print perfectly hanging, and the album in your hands, your entire romantic journey will flash in front of your eyes — like it was just yesterday that “this happened” or “you went to this place.” Because the feeling of excitement that comes with a blooming love — it never comes back. You just have to remember it and relive it.

Framed print of couple hanging on top of mantel

Savor your joyful moments with prints

When life gets too much, you can always find solace in your photographs and the memories they hold within. When you print your photographs, you are creating a physical embodiment of a memory that can be touched, felt, and held. Unlike digital images, printed photographs are not susceptible to corruption or data loss. They are also much easier to share with others, as you can simply hand them a printout rather than having to explain how to view a digital file. Photographs can be a beautiful way to remember your joyous moments. Relive your memories with Canvaspop today!

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