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How to Create a Gallery Wall in 5 Easy Steps

By Amy Wright | Mar 22, 2022

These days, many people have gotten so used to carrying their photos around on their phones and tablets. However, printing out your photos and turning them into a wonderfully displayed gallery wall in your home can help brighten up the room. No matter how big or small your living space may be, creating a gallery wall can be an excellent way to breathe new life into the home. With that in mind, here is an overview of how to create a gallery wall in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Choose a Location

A gallery wall can be a great way to boost the aesthetic of any home. Before starting the gallery wall, make sure you take the time to carefully consider which area of the home will be used. For instance, you may want to choose to create these walls in the foyer, or maybe a living room or dining room wall. Either way, take the time to carefully select the location before beginning the project.

Step 2: Create the Collection

Next, it’s time to create the collection. While a gallery wall is a project that can be constantly altered and updated, it’s helpful to begin the project by taking the time to carefully select the pieces for the collection. No matter if you prefer to view personal photos, landscape pictures, prints of famous artwork, canvas prints, or anything in between, these pieces can be used to create an amazing gallery wall.

Gallery wall of canvas prints in the living room

Step 3: Arrange the Artwork

The next step in this process is to arrange the artwork. Take the time to sort through artwork to see how it can be best positioned and decide which photos and artwork look great when they’re positioned next to one another.

Gallery wall of canvas prints above table

Step 4: Choose the Frames

Not all artwork and pictures need to be framed. Nevertheless, using frames or having framed prints are a great method of making the photos and artwork appear more polished. Take the time to select the frames for the personalized artwork. They can be in various sizes, shapes, and colors, and should be done in a way that makes each photo and work of art look its best.

Step 5: Finalize and Install

After completing the rest of the steps, it’s time to finalize the design and hang them on the wall. When you’re doing this, carefully decide where each of the framed prints or canvas prints (or a combination of both) should be placed. This process may require the use of a measuring tape, a mini level, nails, a hammer, and other tools. It’s important to make sure that all of the custom prints are properly framed to avoid any mishaps. Be sure to space out the prints equally and make sure that they are even and levelled for an aesthetically pleasing look.

Ready to Create a Gallery Wall?

Creating a gallery wall can be the last step in terms of turning a house into a home. Printing out your photos, whether framed or on canvas, can make it possible to create a wall filled with wonderful memories and more.

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