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Instagram FAQs


How will my Instagram canvas print look? I’m concerned about resolution.


We’ve developed a special process that allows us to print low-resolution photos such as Instagram with amazing results. Our team of expert designers can make any photo at any resolution shine! Check it out, you won’t be sorry!


What color edge options are available?


Because of the nature of Instagram photos we only offer black and white photo edge options. If you are creating a series of Instagram photos for a grid or other installation we recommend picking the same color edge option for each. Ultimatly the choice is yours. As a general rule of thumb just match your border color to the border of the filter you chose. Here’s a handy recommendation chart:


Effect Name Recommended Border
Normal White (but black works too)
Amaro White (but black works too)
Rise White (but black works too)
Hudson Black
X-pro Black
Lomo-Fi White
Early Bird White
Sutro Black
Toaster White
Brannan Black
Inkwell White
Hefe Black
Valencia White (but black works too)
Nashville Black
1977 White
Kelvin White


Can I wrap my photo around the frame?


Instagram prints only come in white edge and black edge options because we want to respect the Instagram look. The small size of Instagram photos doesn’t translate well to photo wraps.


Can I print Instagram photos larger than a 20x20”?


Sure, we can print Instagram photos at larger sizes but to do so you must use our normal CanvasPop order process. Special Instagram pricing and options are only available at 12x12” and 20x20”. To print Instagram photos at larger sizes you can either upload the hi-res version of your photo that is stored directly on your iPhone or use one of our lo-res filters to compensate for the small file size.


Can I get my Instagram printed in a size that is not square?


It’s hip to be square. Our Instagram printing service is only available in square ratios to best show off your awesome pics. However, if you have an image you want printed in a different ratio you can check out our regular canvas printing service.


How long will it take to have my print delivered?


Because of our streamlined order process, you can get your Instagram print in about 5-7 business days. Fast huh?


Can I get a digital proof?


Instagram prints are WYSIWYG, what you see is what you get, and that’s cool because they look awesome right from the start! Don’t worry, you’re gonna love it. We promise.


Why is the pricing for Instagram CanvasPop prints lower then your regular pricing?


Great question! Because Instagram photos look amazing right from the start, require no complex photo wraps and no color correction or other design services, we can offer them at an amazing low introductory price. They’re also specially designed to maximize usage of our canvas printers and minimize waste. We’ve streamlined this service while still maintaining the high quality production standards that make CanvasPop prints so unique.


We also know that Instagram prints look best when bought in sets of 3 or more so we hope you’ll take advantage of our low pricing to buy a whole bunch!


What if I am not happy with my print?


We seriously doubt that will happen, but if it does we will do everything in our power to make it right. If all else fails we offer a 100% money back guarantee.


How much is shipping?


Shipping is $14 for the first item and $5 for every additional item, so order as many as you want for a low fee. Take our word for it, you’re going want to order more than one!


Can I upload photos from other camera phones and/or apps? (i.e. print Hipstamatic, Camera+, etc.)


We’ll be adding more options soon but right now this service is for Instagram users only. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter so you can be the first to hear about new products.


I have a discount code or group buy voucher and it’s not working.


Because of the crazy low introductory price of our Instagram prints, we are not able to honor group deal codes for this particular product.


Do you ship outside the USA or Canada?


Right now we only ship to Canada and the continental USA. Sign up to our newsletter for updates and we'll let you know when we expand!


Seriously, these Instagram prints are awesome, where have you been all my life?


We can’t take credit for everything, the folks at Instagram created a pretty awesome app. We’re just iPhone and photography lovers who figured out how to bring those awesome pics to life.