Facebook FAQs


How will my Facebook canvas print look? I'm concerned about resolution.


We've developed a series of special filters and effects that allow us to print low-resolution photos such as those found on Facebook with amazing results. Our team of expert designers can make any photo at any resolution shine!


What sizes are available?


Our super-secret formula for making Facebook photos shine allows you to print them at any size. As big as you want!


Why do I have to put a filter on my image?


Facebook images tend to be low resolution, meaning that if enlarged they will often look blurry or pixelated. Our special effects and filters help to mask low resolution images allowing CanvasPop to print them big and bold.


How long will it take to have my print delivered?


Because of our streamlined order process, you can get your Facebook canvas print in about 7-10 business days. Whoa that's fast!


Why do I have to login with my Facebook account?


Using your Facebook account is the only way for us to directly access your photos for printing. If you don't want to give us access to your Facebook account you can use our traditional photo uploader to grab files from your computer.


What information do you capture from my Facebook profile?


We capture your name, email address, location (city, state) and images. This is to allow us to create your order and contact you with your proof before printing. Don't worry, we won't spam you or sell your information to ninjas or pirates.


Can I print my friend's photos as well?


Most definitely! Use the drop down menu on the image selection page to see images from your friends. Note: We can only access your friend's images if they have provided third-party access to their images in Facebook's privacy settings.


Why can't I access my friend's photos?


If you cannot access your friends photos it is because they have blocked third-party access to their images. This is a Facebook security setting that we have no control over. If you wish to access your friend's photos, ask them to enable third-party apps to access their photos in their Facebook privacy settings.


Can I get a digital proof?


Absolutely! We provide a free digital proof via email with every Facebook canvas print.


What if I am not happy with my print?


Our 100% Love Guarantee has got you covered. If you don't love it, we'll fix it. But don't worry, you're gonna love it!


How much is shipping?


Shipping is $14 flat rate per order, so order as many as you want for one flat fee. Take our word for it, you're going want to order more than one!


Can I import photos from other sources?


Of course! You can upload photos from Instagram, your computer, smartphone, or even mail us a photo and we'll scan it for you.


I have a photo with a watermark or copyright symbol on it. Can you remove it?


Sorry but we cannot print photos that are protected under copyright. If your photo has a watermark or copyright symbol we cannot remove it or print it without express written consent from the creator.


I am a professional photographer who posts photos on Facebook. Will my photos now be available for anyone to print?


The short answer is no. The longer answer is that if you have tagged one of your clients in a photo they will technically have access to it. However, we never remove watermarks or copyright symbols without the express written consent of the image creator. Also note that we can only access the photos that are tagged to an individual, not a brand or business. So if you are not tagging your clients in your photos they will not be able to access them even if they "like" your page. For more details view the terms and conditions.


I run a brand, business or fan page. Can people who "like" my page access and print my photos?


No. Individuals cannot access photos from brand, business or fan pages, only those of their friends. They can also access any image in which they have specifically been tagged. For more details view Facebook's terms and conditions.