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Why you need a pet portrait

By Amy Wright | Aug 20, 2020

You and your pet share a bond that goes deeper than friendship. Your little companion relies on you to survive, and at times, you may even rely on them to get you through the day.

Every day, you come home and they instantly bring a smile to your face! Whether they greet you with a tail wag, a meow, cuddles, or pure excitement, they make their love for you known. So why not showcase just how much you love them by printing your pet on a high-quality custom pet portrait!

Our pet portraits are completely customizable, with three unique and fun filters to choose from, including oil paint, modern pop art, and charcoal. Make sure it fits your space with 12x12, 16x16, and 20x20 canvas prints.

The customization doesn’t end there though. If you choose the oil paint or modern filter, you also get to choose a custom background color. And when we say you can choose a custom background color, we really mean ANY color! We have a few of our favorite colors displayed on our website but if you choose the Custom color button you will have the option to enter any color to get exactly what you want.


Not only can you curate a canvas print of your pet that perfectly matches your space, but it will also capture your pet’s personality too. Complete your pet portrait by adding their name to the bottom right-hand corner of the canvas. And voilà, you have the perfect ode to your favorite furry friend!

Want to know what else sets our pet portraits apart from the rest? The ability to see what your print will look like in real-time! As you’re building your pet portrait, you will get to see a live 3D preview of what it will look like. To top it off, our team of designers review each and every order to ensure that your pet looks its best before it goes to print!

And why do you need to create a portrait of your pet?

Well, here are just a few reasons:

Don’t have a pet yourself but are looking for the perfect gift for someone who does? A pet portrait is perfect for them because:

Ready to create your very own custom pet portrait? Click the button below to get started!

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