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Top Tips for Winter and Snow Photography

By Amy Wright | Oct 22, 2019

Winter wonderland is a photographer’s dream and shooting in the winter can be snow much fun. However, there are definitely some important things you need to keep in mind such as the impact of the bright white snow and sunshine glare to capture that perfect photo and have it printed on a canvas. That’s why we’ve created a list of tips for winter and snow photography that will help you take incredible photos whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

1. Protect your equipment

Yes, while this might not be a photo capturing tip per-say, a true photographer is always prepared for all and any conditions. It’s important to keep your equipment safe, dry, and functioning at its best because without that, then these tips wouldn’t be of much use. For example, a lens hood is a good idea for winter photography it will prevent condensation on your lens, thus allowing for clearer photos. Added bonus, it always acts to reduce sun flare, which we all know can be quite bright ass the sun reflects on the bright, white snow.


2. Adjust exposure

You’ll want to consider overexposing when it comes to snow photography to compensate for your camera’s meter system which will calibrate for middle grey. That means the snow is likely to appear grey rather than beautifully white. A quick fix is by moving your exposure compensation dial up by 1 or 2 stops to capture the white snow perfectly. You can then preserve your favorite white snowy photos by printing them on a canvas or a framed print.


3. Shoot in RAW

When the sun is glaring in your eyes and your scenery consists of reflective, white snow, it might not always be so obvious exactly what color temperature or exposure to choose. Shooting in raw allows you to go back and make adjustments later and thus make appropriate adjustments to the shadows and highlights.


4. Use a polarizing filter

A polarizing filter will also help limit snow reflection since one of its uses is to suppress glare from reflective surfaces. It’s also very useful for darkening bright blues skies, adding definition to clouds and adding more saturation to colors. With your image looking crisp, you can highlight your snow photography in your home on a canvas print.


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