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The new homeowners guide to decorating

By Amy Wright | Jun 17, 2021

Just moved In? Here’s how to start decorating a new home

A blank canvas can be one of the most intimidating things in the world. And when it's your new home that's waiting to be filled with beautiful, creative decor, well, anyone might find the task a little daunting.

As experts on prints of all kinds, whether it’s custom canvas prints, framed wall art, or canvases of a more symbolic nature, like your new home, we have some insider tips and advice that can help you push through your hesitation and have your new house looking and feeling like a home in no time.


Make a plan

Get out a pen and paper and start jotting down some ideas for how to start decorating your new home. You'll be amazed at how manageable things start to seem once you take the thoughts out of your head and put them down on paper.

This is the brainstorming stage, so anything goes. Write down colors, styles, furniture, accent pieces, lighting, knickknacks, and whatever else comes to mind. Once you’ve got a long list of ideas, you can start narrowing it down and making some decisions.

Think about your style preferences

There are a ton of decor styles out there, from cool Scandinavian minimalism to cozy French cottage. Many people find it hard to choose one because they like them all. Warm woods, earthy tones, sleek metal, sparkling glass...they all look awesome!

The way to resolve this paradox of too much choice is to really reflect on yourself (plus, it doesn’t hurt to flip through some interior design Instagram accounts and blogs). You can like a style but not want to live with it full-time. So as you look through your inspiration materials and think about your personality, notice the styles that make you feel calm and relaxed since this is how you’ll want to feel in your new home.

Look at what you already have

Chances are, you will come to your new home with at least some basic elements in tow. It may also be that your new home has built-in elements such as carpeting, tile floors, or other features that you want to work with. Take stock of what you like about these items and features and let your home design ideas start to unfold around them.

If there are things about your home that you don’t love and can’t change, don’t despair—these can actually provide good fodder for creative decor, too. Finding ways to minimize or camouflage these areas can give rise to some pretty ingenious decor workarounds.


Go room by room

One of the easiest ways to tackle a big project like decorating a new home is by breaking it into chunks. Pick one or two rooms to focus on at a time. Not only does this bring the project down to a manageable size it also generates excitement and momentum as you see one room come together and then another and another.

Many experts recommend starting with the bedroom since you spend a lot of time there and you’ll need it to be at least functional from the first night you stay in your new home. The living room is another area to prioritize at the outset since it tends to be a larger area and forms the “heart of the home.”

Pick the focal point of the room

One new addition to an empty or semi-empty room can instantly improve the space and make it about a million times more inviting.

Our favorite way to transform a new house into a home in a heartbeat is with wall art. Hanging a large custom canvas print instantly establishes a look and feel and makes the space feel lived in. Another way we love to spice up a blank space is with a gallery wall, which features a collection of smaller prints that are all visually united in some way, either by theme or color scheme. These could be photo prints of your treasured family memories or a series of custom art prints from your favorite painter.


Wherever you decide to start, we can help you bring your ideas to life. Click the button below to start creating your wall art for your new home.

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