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The birthday gift that says it all

By Amy Wright | Nov 16, 2021

Everyone wants to give great gifts, especially great birthday gifts. Unlike other gift-giving occasions, birthdays mark milestones in the life of the person you love. We may be biased but photo prints make the best personalized birthday gifts. They are thoughtful, meaningful, and celebrate your experiences and connection.

Birthday gifts mark the passage of one year and the joyful anticipation of the next. They provide an opportunity to give something to be cherished and allow families and friends to show their love and support through every stage of life.

Giving a meaningful personalized birthday gift

Finding the perfect birthday gift is all about exploring your connections. Having a camera in our pocket at all times has given us the ability to bring memories to life and celebrate experiences through photographs.

The group selfies you take on a whim or the photos from a pretty spring walk are snapshots of shared experiences. Those experiences, large and small, form your connections and build deeper relationships.

Shared experiences are gifts you give and receive every day. Commemorating those experiences with a special canvas print is a beautiful, meaningful way to celebrate the building blocks of connection and joy.

Choosing the perfect photos for gifts

The perfect gift isn’t necessarily the perfect photo. You may have used some of our hints and tips to improve the quality of all of your photos, and that’s fantastic. But your birthday gift doesn’t have to look like something from a gallery wall.

Choose photos for birthday gifts that are meaningful and evoke memories. That may be pictures of you with the birthday celebrant, pictures of a shared outing, or pictures of something they love.

Keep these three things in mind when choosing a birthday photo gift:

  1. The picture should be personal. It should draw on an experience, memory, place, or people that bring joy to the recipient.

  2. The picture should be of high quality. Make sure the original photo is large enough to render well. Steer away from anything blurry or otherwise compromised. Even if it represents something wonderful, a poor-quality image isn’t the best expression of your affection or love.

  3. The picture needs to be something they would be proud to share. Photos of college parties may be fun, but they aren’t likely to age well, and this is something you want them to hold on to for a long time.

The 5 best Birthday photo gifts


1. Framed Prints

Framed prints are classic and elegant. They fit well with a variety of décor styles and are ideal for group photos. Framed prints are wonderful birthday gifts for parents, siblings, and adult children.

Try doing a theme year, with each member of the family receiving a different framed print from a shared outing or gathering for their birthdays.


2. Canvas Prints

Try a canvas print for a landscape or other outdoor photo. Beautiful, high-quality canvas prints bring every stunning aspect of a photo to vibrant life.

Images from shared trips or outings or beloved locations are excellent choices for canvas prints.


3. Collage Prints

Collage prints make choosing the right photo easier. For birthday gifts, try a little journey through your history. A large current picture can accompany images from past experiences.

The result is a beautiful, meaningful preservation of any long-lasting relationship.


4. Pet Portraits

Everybody loves their pets! Whether the person celebrating a birthday has a dog, a cat, a lizard, or a parrot, a pet portrait is a wonderful gift.

A photo birthday gift isn’t always about the memories and experiences you share. Sometimes it’s about honoring what is important and meaningful to the recipient.


5. Art Prints

Personal pictures are not everyone’s style. If you’re giving a birthday gift to an art lover, try a Canvaspop art print. Choosing meaningful art is a wonderful journey. You’ll draw on your relationship to choose a print that brings joy and celebrates your connection.

Photo prints are for everyone

As you browse the types of photo prints available at Canvaspop, you’ll realize that birthday gifts don’t have to be difficult. You can give a thoughtful, meaningful photo gift to anyone in your life, from family and close friends to colleagues and acquaintances. And when they open your gift it’s sure to make them smile, hold it tightly to their heart and bring back great memories.

Life is a series of shared experiences. Photo print birthday gifts celebrate and preserve the moments that connect us.

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