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Take the best and most creative back to school photos

By Amy Wright | Dec 30, 2020

Summer has been an amazing adventure and nothing says back to school quite like those first day jitters or the opportunity to embarrass your child one more time. Your kids might not be super excited to pose for your cheesy back-to-school photoshoot, but one day they’ll thank you for capturing those funny hair-dos, outfits and memories. If you don't already have an annual tradition of taking first-day photos, this year is the perfect time to start. If you do, then you can always try new ways to jazz up their first day back and get some ideas on how to display these photos in your home on canvas or framed prints. There’s nothing like a series of shots showing kids growing year after year. So, it’s your turn to get schooled with these tips on how to take the best and most creative first day of school photos.

They didn’t sign up for this

Holding up a sign is a great way to remember what year the photo was taken and also makes for a cool shot, especially if it’s on an awesome homemade sign or a mini chalkboard. Your sign could say something like “Second grade” or “First day of school”. You can also make it unique with a funny saying such as “Stop crying dad” or even have your little student write the sign themselves so you can see the evolution of their handwriting over the years.


Photo cred: Good Housekeeping

This day is poppin’

While signs are great, if you want to think outside the box and keep your little one entertained, then a balloon may be the way to go. You can simply write a similar message directly on the balloon with permanent markers or grab some letter stickers and stick ‘em on!

While these photos may be super Instagrammable, you don’t want them to disappear on your feed. It’s great to print them on a canvas or framed print and display them proudly in your home.


Photo cred: Confetti Sunshine

Turn your favorite back to school photos into wall art!
Print your photos

Room to grow

It’s never too early to start thinking of graduation, right? Besides, they’ll get there before you know it. So, if you want to start a fun tradition, you can get a large shirt with your child’s graduating year on it and take a photo of them wearing it every year. While they will grow, your home decor can grow too, with a gallery wall display!


Photo cred: Journey of Parenthood

Always a class act

Props are always a good idea when it comes to photoshoots and are a whole lotta’ fun! You can go classic by using an old desk and stack it with books, add a globe, some pencils and an apple. Try also adding some big faux glasses and a cute school outfit and you’re in business. Don’t be afraid to get a little silly here and have a grand old time! You can remember this playful photoshoot with a wonderful collage print of all your best shots.


Photo cred: Flickr

Matching swag

There’s nothing quite as adorable as matching sibling outfits. Your kids will look back at these matching outfit photos and ask you what you were thinking all while having a great laugh. If you only have one child, then you can always match with them or have them strut their stuff in their favorite ‘fit.


Photo cred: Lip Gloss and Crayons

Claim to frame

Get into the school frame of mind with your very own handcrafted frame. You can try glueing colorful crayons or sidewalk chalk together into a rectangular frame or keep it simple by decorating an old frame or cutting out a cardboard box. Once you’ve captured the perfect shot, why not put this framed photo into a frame for a fun, mind-bending effect.


Photo cred: Apples and ABCs

Time travel

Speaking of mind-bending… You can also try this fun tradition, where you take a photo of them holding a canvas from the previous year and so on.


Photo cred: East Coast Mommy Blog

Turn your favorite back to school photos into wall art!
Print your photos

You’ve got their backdrop

If you want to make a cool, consistent collage or gallery wall, then a great way to do that is with a consistent background. Whether it’s in front of the school bus, their school, home, a brick wall, a cool colored background or your kids favorite spot, the annual theme will look great in your home.


Photo cred: Priceless Expressions

Bird’s eye view

For an easy yet creative photo idea, shift your point of view by drawing their school grade on the sidewalk with chalk and having them stand or sit beside it. You can then capture a photo from above, and unless you’re 6 ft 10”, you might need a chair for this.


Photo cred: The Idea Room

Turn your favorite back to school photos into wall art!
Print your photos
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