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Stylishly incorporate your personality into your home decor

By Amy Wright | Jun 12, 2019

You want your home decor to be stylish and trendy but you also can’t forget to add your own unique spin to your space so that it really fits your personality. By adding elements that embody your one-of-a-kind personality, such as collage prints, sentimental pieces and bold pops of color, you’ll add that “wow factor” to your home and get that warm fuzzy feeling every time you step foot inside. So, venture out of cookie cutter home decor that quickly goes out of style and celebrate who you are with these 6 tips on how to stylishly incorporate your personality into your home.

1. Showcase your favorite memories with a collage print

Collage prints are a stunning way to add a personal touch to your space and really make it feel stylishy lived in. Plus, you don’t have to lose sleep over which photo to hang because a collage allows you to display all of your favorite photos of your most precious moments and memories with friends and family.


2. Display your most prized possessions

Another great way to let your personality shine is by displaying sentimental pieces in your home. Such prized possessions could include tickets to a concert of your favorite band, your college diploma, a framed print of your wedding day, seashells you collected on your family trip or a trophy display from your sports glory days. Whichever sentimental pieces you choose, they will definitely enhance your decor and will bring you a sense of pride and joy.


3. Tell your story with a gallery wall

An interesting way to make your home feel more like you is by telling your story through an eye-catching gallery wall. This is also an awesome opportunity to add your creative touch. Mix and match framed and canvas prints, choose different sizes, include an inspirational quote, add a mirror or wall accessories, and much more.


4. Highlight your hobbies

You love playing music? Go ahead and display your favorite instrument up on the wall. You enjoy visiting art galleries? Hang up some interesting personalized canvas prints. You’re a huge car fan? Decorate with your best vintage or new car eye candy. After all, to make your decor more personal, you’ll want to surround yourself with elements that uplift your spirit. What better way to bring a smile to your face than by highlighting your favorite pastimes.


5. Let your colorful personality come through

Your personality isn’t beige, so why should all your decor be! Add some highlight walls, bold patterns, unique colors, fun textures and bright colored accessories. Some colorful pillows or a big bright canvas print might do the trick too. Don’t shy away from your bright and bold personality - decorate your abode with the colors you love!


6. Add some life in your home

The natural elements can really add that breath of fresh air that your home needs. Not to mention the oxygen and wonderful scents that they bring, plants add a unique element to the decor and help liven up the place. Choosing your favorite flowers or plants will beautifully complement your home decor and your unmatched personality.


Add your personality to your home decor!
Print your favorite photos
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