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The Ultimate Statement Piece - Triptych

By Amy Wright | Apr 16, 2020

Wall art is a way for you to express yourself. Whether you choose to showcase your favorite memories, your favorite pieces of art, or anything in between. It’s important to make your living and working spaces your own.

If you’re looking for the ultimate conversation piece and a way to make the most of a large wall space, look no further than a triptych!

What the heck is a triptych?

It’s simply a multi-panel print: one photo split between three separate canvas panels. When placed side by side, it creates a truly unique piece of art.

Havana Triptych

Where the heck should I put a triptych?

A triptych is the ultimate piece of statement wall art so we think they are best placed on a wall where all eyes will be looking directly at it. Everyone has that one large empty wall space in their living room or bedroom, well that's the perfect place for a triptych print!

Make sure your wall has enough space for a large canvas print. The photo you choose to print needs to look balanced in the room and have space to breathe.

When it comes to the placement of triptych, there are really two main things to consider: the size of the piece as a whole and the best height to hang it at. It’s best to start by arranging the three panels on the floor first until you are satisfied with the placement of and spacing between each panel before hanging.

When hanging your triptych, we recommend that you place your new conversation piece in the very center of a wall at eye-level about 60 inches from the floor and placing each panel about 2-3 inches apart for a seamless cohesive look.

Pink Pinata

What the heck should I print on a triptych?

Our favorite photos to print on a triptych are photos from our travels. Perfect for the street art you captured in Colombia, a landscape shot you took with your family while at the beach, or anything in between. Another great option, abstract or pop-art!

These shots look great when spliced into three separate panels and placed next to one another! You’ll want to stay away from photos with people in them to avoid cutting anyone off in a funny way (trust us).

Italy Triptych

Revamping your space is as easy as 1, 2, 3! With a show-stopping print like a triptych, all your friends will be dying to know how and where you printed such a cool piece of art.

Create your very own triptych by clicking the button below.

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