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The beauty of showcasing digital art on canvas

By Amy Wright | Dec 19, 2023

Digital art has become super popular in the art world today and here are a few reasons why it's gaining so much recognition. One big reason is that it's really easy to access and use. Artists don't have to stick to traditional materials anymore. They can use digital tools and software to try out all sorts of new creative ideas.

This form of art has also found a natural ally in social media. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook allow artists to showcase their work to a global audience, bypassing the need for physical galleries. As technology evolves, digital art continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in the art world, captivating both creators and connoisseurs alike.

What's even cooler than digital art itself is when it's printed on canvas. This combines two different types of art: traditional and modern. It's a process that brings together the accessibility and creative freedom of digital art with the physical world of traditional art.

Digital Art: A Modern Art Form

The world of digital art is captivating and exciting for both artists and audiences. After all, it offers endless possibilities for technique, display, and interpretation, while allowing artists to experiment without any limitations. But why is digital art so appealing and unique?

One of the great things about digital art is its accessibility. Artists can use digital tools to try out different styles, techniques, and mediums without the need for physical materials. This opens up a whole new world of creativity and allows artists to easily explore and experiment.

Digital art also allows for flexible editing and manipulation. While creating, artists can easily make changes, try out different color schemes, and even combine elements from various artworks seamlessly. This makes the process of creating art faster and more efficient compared to traditional methods.

But easily the most compelling aspect of digital art in today’s markets is that it provides opportunities for global exposure through social media platforms and online galleries. Artists can instantly share their creations with a vast audience, gaining recognition and appreciation from people all over the world. This is a game-changer in the world of art appreciation: such publicity would typically take months if not years for an emerging talent in the traditional art world––nowadays, the work can reach countless eyes in no time.

Bringing Pixels to Canvas

Reproducing digital art on canvas is a meticulous process, blending technology with craftsmanship. High-quality printers, like the ones we use atCanvaspop, employ advanced inkjet technology to precisely transfer digital images onto canvas. The preparation of digital files is crucial, ensuring that the color, resolution, and details of the original work are faithfully reproduced.

Before this kind of professional-grade printing can begin, the digital file needs to be prepared by adjusting color profiles, resolution, and other settings to guarantee an accurate reproduction. This process ensures that the vibrancy and detail of the original digital work are captured.

The canvas is then loaded onto the printer and fastened securely for precise alignment during the printing process. The printer lays down tiny droplets of pigment-based inks onto the canvas with incredible precision and attention to detail. This complex process adds texture and depth to the artwork, making it feel more authentic than a simple scan. It also ensures vibrant color reproduction and durability, making the artwork resistant to damage or fading over time.

Digital art on a white wall

Digital Art in Home Décor

The use of digital art in home décor is an emerging lifestyle trend that brings modernity and creativity into traditional spaces.

One of the main advantages of incorporating digital art into home décor is the ability to match colors, themes, and styles with ease. Whether you prefer vibrant pop art or serene nature-inspired creations, there is something for just about every taste level and aesthetic preference. Digital art also allows homeowners to experiment with different sizes and formats, creating focal points or filling entire walls with captivating visual displays. For example, in the living room, a vibrant and visually striking digital painting can serve as the focal point, creating a bold and eye-catching atmosphere. In contrast, in a bedroom or relaxation area, serene landscapes or abstract pieces can promote tranquility and a soothing ambiance.

Pairing Tips:

When selecting digital art to match your home decor, consider factors that will blend the artwork with the overall aesthetic of your space. Start by determining the existing color palette and style of your room. If your décor leans towards minimalist or modern, opt for digital art featuring clean lines and bold colors. For a more traditional or vintage vibe, consider digital art with softer tones and intricate details.

Also, think about the size of the artwork and how it will fit within your space. Whether you prefer a statement piece as a focal point or multiple smaller works to create a gallery wall effect, choose what resonates with you and evokes emotions or connections. After all, selecting digital art is about curating an expression of yourself within your home.

Artist drawing digital art on an ipad

Preserving the Artist's Vision

Imagine spending hours working on a piece of digital artwork, carefully choosing colors, blending shapes, and perfecting every detail––literally creating a masterpiece on your computer. And then you go to print it out and it looks completely different from what you imagined. The dull color transfer, the lost detailing and vibrancy! This is why it is so important to preserve the artist's vision when printing digital art.

Printing technology has come a long way in reproducing digital art accurately, but there are still some things that can be lost if we're not careful. From making sure the colors are just right to choosing the right print, every step in the printing process plays a role in preserving the integrity of the original artwork. Whether it's a photograph or a digital painting, faithful printing keeps the essence and artistic intent intact, allowing people to connect with and appreciate the artwork on a deeper level.

Canvas printing is a special way of capturing the essence of digital art. It brings vibrant colors and intricate details to life in a high-quality print. Every brushstroke, texture, and shade is preserved, creating a stunning reproduction of the original digital form. The matte finish of canvas is perfect for showcasing bold and dynamic compositions because it eliminates glare and reflections that can distract from the artwork.

The texture of the canvas also adds depth and dimension to the piece, making it feel like a traditional painting. Whether it's an abstract design or a beautiful landscape, canvas printing allows digital artists to share their creations in a tangible format that enhances their impact and visual appeal.

Unleash your creativity

If you're looking to add style and personality to your home, digital art is the answer. It offers endless possibilities and allows you to discover unique pieces that resonate with your taste and interior design.

With just a few clicks, you can explore a vast library of artworks created by talented digital artists from all around the world. Digital art can be easily customized to fit any space in your home and allows for flexibility and experimentation with different styles without breaking the bank. So why not step out of your comfort zone and invite digital art into your home decor? The possibilities are truly limitless!

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