Shooting Spring: Capturing new blooms & happy faces

By Amy Wright | Mar 16, 2021

The warmer months are finally upon us and it’s once again time to enjoy the sunshine. After a few months of dreary weather, we can’t wait to bring our cameras outside to capture the beautiful blossoms and smiling faces that mark the turn of the seasons. Everybody knows that taking photos in natural light is superior, so get outside and start snapping away!

Here are some of our favorite things to capture during the spring months.

New blooms

It’s that time of year where the trees start budding new blossoms. Not only do they smell like a fresh start, they look like one too! Pull out your phone to snap some pics of these flowers before they’re all gone for another whole year.


Go for a walking tour of your hometown and visit the green spaces in your area. Parks always offer plenty of photo opportunities, with many smiling faces, wildlife, interesting plants and flowers, dogs, and so much more!

Beach hut canvas print wall art

The setting sun over a body of water

Do you live near a river, lake, or ocean? If so, check what time the sun sets and make it out to the best viewpoint you can find to snap a photo of the setting sun. If there’s ice melting over the water, even better!

Outdoor activities

Are you the outdoorsy type? If you like getting out of the house to go for a hike, bike ride, paddle, or something else, pull out your camera and make those memories last forever!

spring time outdoor photography canvas wall art

Not sure what to do with all of these new photos? Print them, of course! Whether you’re looking for museum-grade canvas or high-quality framed prints, we will turn your photo into a masterpiece. Create your print now by clicking the button below.

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