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Revamping your home office

By Amy Wright | Apr 13, 2024

If even the places where you pass by for a minute can leave an impression, imagine the impact of the spaces where you spend hours on end.

Your home office is one such place – it's where you clock in countless hours each day, even if not always in one continuous stretch. It’s also what your clients and/or colleagues see behind you during online meetings. While you're undoubtedly focused during work hours, it's also where you might find yourself rolling your chair and gazing out the window, at the ceiling, or at the walls.

So, what exactly are you (and anyone else in the room) looking at in your home office? Do you see a thoughtfully designed space created to make each workday more enjoyable? Or are you met with bare walls that you occasionally consider adorning with art, but never get around to it?

Most importantly: How does your home office make you feel? Do you count the minutes until the next break, or does it instill in you a sense of productivity, energy, and relaxation?

Interestingly, revamping your home office doesn't necessarily call for a costly overhaul. In fact, all it takes is a touch of high-quality, meaningful wall art to breathe new life into the space and, consequently, into your workday.

So, when those blank walls seem to stare back at you, why not adorn them with the right kind of wall art? Here's why it matters.

The Psychological Impact of a Well-Designed Workspace

Research shows that art and décor can do wonders for promoting wellbeing, reducing stress, boosting brain power, and even sparking creativity.

And it’s no wonder! Art and décor have this magical way of creating just the right ambience – be it relaxed, energetic, or creative. They can turn your workspace into a place where you actually want to be. But what counts as the "right" ambience?

Well, that's totally up to you. Your workspace should be a reflection of your personality and what makes you want to be in that place. That means the art you choose should be about themes you love or resonate with – whether that's a bold abstract painting, a peaceful landscape, or a photo of your favorite people.

A great tip is: Think about how you want to feel when you're working. Do you want to be inspired? Relaxed? Whatever vibe you're going for, there's so much art out there that can help you create it! You can even transform meaningful pictures you have saved on your phone into beautiful canvas prints.

So, go ahead and pick pieces that speak to you and the state of mind you want to cultivate. Surround yourself with art that makes you smile, and watch how it transforms your workspace into a place where you actually enjoy spending time.

Modern abstract print in an office

Choosing the Perfect Pieces of Wall Art for Your Workspace

Choosing the perfect wall art for your workspace is arguably the most exciting part of revamping a home office. However, it's important to remember that "perfect" doesn't mean what's trendy or cute, but rather what resonates with you or your team on a deeper level. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Thematic Relevance

Thematic relevance might sound fancy, but it's simply about choosing artwork that aligns with the overall theme you want for your office. For example, if you're aiming for a calming atmosphere, opt for pieces with serene landscapes or soothing colors. If you're trying to be motivated or productive, consider artwork featuring quotes or images that inspire you to do your best work.


Now, when it comes to sizing, think about the scale of your workspace and the wall where the art will hang. You don't want it to overwhelm the space or get lost on a large wall. A good rule of thumb is to choose artwork that's proportional to the wall and doesn't overcrowd the area. You can even use painter's tape to outline the dimensions of potential pieces on the wall before making a final call.

Individual vs. Shared Workspaces

In individual offices or cubicles, let your personal style shine through by selecting artwork that reflects your interests and values. It could be anything from abstract paintings to motivational posters—whatever speaks to you and keeps you inspired throughout the day.

For shared workspaces, like if you're sharing with a spouse or colleague, it's important to find art that fosters a sense of unity and collaboration. Take the time to discuss preferences and find common ground. Look for pieces with universal appeal or themes that reflect shared values and culture. And don't forget to consider practical aspects like placement – make sure the artwork enhances productivity rather than detracts from it by being too distracting or imposing.

Incorporating Wall Art Into Office Settings

Your art will often be the center of attention. Which is why getting creative with how you place and arrange it can really make a difference in how the whole place feels.

One interesting trick is to pick out some bigger prints and put them in spots that really stand out – like on a feature wall or behind your desk. These pieces become the focal point, adding a touch of personality and flair to the room while giving it a bit of character.

If you’re feeling innovative, why not try your hand at creating a gallery wall? Mix and match smaller prints of different sizes and styles to make a visually interesting display that's sure to get people talking and feeling inspired. You can also try triptych prints for an interesting visual appeal.

Having Trouble Selecting Your Wall Art? It Happens to the Best of Us!

When that happens, take a look around your office and see what colors are already there. You'll want to choose prints that complement those colors rather than clash with them. So, if your office has lots of blues and greens, try to find prints that have similar tones to keep everything looking cohesive and stylish.

And don't forget about picking out prints that really speak to you or your team's interests. Whether it's something that reflects your company's values or just something that makes you feel good, choosing pieces that resonate with you can really help make your workspace feel like home.

Aside from a few loose guidelines, the secret (if there even is one) is to get creative with your wall art! Play around with different arrangements, colors, and styles until you find something that feels just right.

Child and dog playing

Integrating Wall Art Into Everyday Workspaces

Making sure your wall art looks great is also a matter of getting them up on the wall without a struggle. Consider opting for professional installation services if you want that polished finish, though if your art comes with pre-installed hanging wire, you might be good to go right out of the box.

Take a Look Around

When it comes to choosing the right art for these spaces, consider the décor as a whole. You don't want your workspace to feel cluttered or overwhelming, so pick pieces that complement the existing decor rather than competing with it. For example, a giant, busy print might clash with a minimalist office vibe, while a smaller, more subtle piece could fit right in.

Balancing Artistic Expression with Professional Decorum

This may sound fancy too, but it’s simply about finding that sweet spot where your workspace feels personal but still looks put-together. In shared offices, this might mean choosing art that everyone can appreciate and that aligns with the office's overall style.

But what about when you're picking art that coworkers and clients will be looking at? It's important to consider their perspectives too. You want your art to enhance the environment, not disrupt it. So, think about what kind of message you want to send and how different pieces might be interpreted by different people.

Consider their viewpoints in a literal sense too! Make sure the artwork is positioned where it can be properly seen and appreciated by everyone who walks into the space, physically or virtually.

Feel Free to Try and Test New Wall Art Until It Looks (and Feels) the Way You Want It to

Turning your home office into a reflection of your values can completely transform it without having to break down walls. It keeps you motivated and calm during tough days, showcases your appreciation for art and professionalism to anyone who enters, and can even boost your confidence in online meetings.

And the most exciting part of it all: Your wall art isn't permanent. Just like you, it can evolve and change over time. With a simple switch, you can give your office space a whole new vibe, keeping it fresh and inspiring for years to come.

By carefully selecting and arranging artwork that resonates with your personality or your values, you create a workspace that encourages professional satisfaction and personal growth. Need some inspiration? Browse Canvaspop’s huge collection of wall art to find the perfect pieces to revitalize your workspace, no matter the atmosphere you’re going for.

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