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Prints for the bedroom to help you unwind

By Amy Wright | Mar 30, 2021

Adding artwork to your walls has the ability to create a specific atmosphere. It can make your rooms more attractive, aesthetically pleasing, and inviting. You can also use artwork to change up the colour palette in a room or even add different textures to a room - make it more interesting and lively.

Hanging artwork on your walls can totally transform your space. In this blog post, we will be discussing how installing artwork in your bedroom can provide a sense of peace and relaxation. After all, your bedroom is a place where you want to decompress and rest. With that in mind, here is a closer look at some of the best prints for your bedroom.

Framed print of abstract wall art above bed

1: Neutral Wall Art

If you are searching for the best bedroom wall art, neutral wall art is an excellent place to start. This is because neutral tones have been proven to have a calming effect on the psyche. You may want to consider purchasing wall art that includes shades of gray, muted greens, calming blues, browns, and more. No matter what the design entails, you will likely feel much more relaxed if you install artwork that uses a neutral color scheme.

2: Coastal-Inspired Pieces

The coastal-inspired pieces are another great group of potential canvas wall art pieces for your bedroom. These are pieces that include various views of the beach, sand, and bodies of water. The beach tends to be a place that many go to unwind and relax. Moreover, many coastal-inspired pieces include neutral tones, which can further add a sense of calmness to your room. Either way, being able to have a beautiful view of the beach as you drift off to sleep can be one of the most peaceful moments of anyone's day.

3: Large Wall Pieces

If you are searching for framed wall art for the bedroom, large wall pieces are a fantastic choice. Although the size of the piece won’t necessarily make your room feel more relaxing, choosing larger pieces rather than several smaller ones can be a great way to make the aesthetic within your bedroom much more peaceful. This is because staring at one large photo can allow your mind to distract itself and thus decompress. Moreover, larger pieces often have a wow factor that many of the smaller pieces lack. Obviously, the type of artwork also plays a major role in how the artwork is perceived. So, make sure that you choose bedroom wall décor that would make you feel calm, no matter the size.

Canvas print of abstract wall art in bedroom

4: Abstract Wall Art

Additionally, abstract wall art can be a fantastic addition to any tranquil living space. This is because abstract art often has a calming effect due to its simplistic nature. In other words, since abstract art is more about how the colors and shapes make you feel, your brain doesn't waste energy struggling to make sense of it. So, if you find a piece that includes the shapes and hues that make you feel calmer, your brain will simply focus on those feelings rather than critique the artwork's meaning.

Canvas print of abstract wall art above bed

5: Natural Artwork

Another great option for bedroom canvas prints is natural artwork. Most of us are well aware of the fact that nature can be used to help us relieve tension and feel calmer. Therefore, having prints of this type of artwork around your room can be an excellent way to create a peaceful aesthetic.

For instance, posting travel-inspired prints can be an excellent way to make your room feel more peaceful. This could be a print of a place you have gone on vacation or simply a beautiful place you dream of visiting one day. So, no matter if you choose to post prints of leaves, trees, animals relaxing, gardens, or even a waterfall, these are the types of prints you can use to facilitate a more calming vibe in your bedroom. Words and Phrases

Additionally, purchasing prints that include calming words and phrases can be a great choice when searching for artwork for bedroom walls. Rather than looking at pictures on your way to sleep, you can read and repeat calming words and phrases, which can positively affect your mindset. Purchasing word art prints can be a great option in terms of making the aesthetic in your room feel more peaceful.

Overall, if you are in search of premium quality wall decor, you have lots of options. Here at Canvaspop, we provide our customers with a wide variety of prints that can be used to make your room feel much more peaceful and tranquil.

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