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Why pet portraits are a dog’s best friend

By Amy Wright | Dec 24, 2021

When you bring a dog into your life, everything changes.

Your routines are different (you now wake up to a moist snout nudging you out of bed).

Your household is different (dog toys, dog clothes, and dog treats are suddenly everywhere).

Your eating habits are different (a set of watchful eyes now follows every bite you take).

Best of all, there’s a new sense of joy, energy, and love that fills every room, every nook and cranny, and every moment.

How are dogs able to transform our lives on such a deep level? And what is it about them that makes us fall instantly in love and rearrange everything about our lives just to have them with us?

We share special emotional bonds with our pets

To start with, it’s the emotional connection, pure and simple.

The bonds we share with our dogs are very different from the bonds we share with people. Dogs don’t use spoken language (excluding barks and whines, of course), so we don’t communicate with them in the same way we communicate with our friends, family, and loved ones.

That means our bond with our pet doesn’t get weighed down with the baggage of miscommunications and misunderstandings. There’s something very pure and very profound about the connection we have with our dogs, and it simply can’t be put into words.


Our dogs need our care

Everyone likes to be needed. It makes us feel important and gives us a sense of purpose.

Dogs fulfill this primal need within us. Whether it’s a dish of water and a bowl of food or a pat on the back and a scratch behind the ears, our dogs constantly seek us out to provide nurturing. Even the most mature and independent dog still needs tons of care, love, and attention on a daily basis, and it’s an awesome feeling to be needed in this way.

Dogs accept us as we are

Most of us go through life with our guard up at least some of the time. We hold our tongues and we hide our feelings, and that’s a necessary part of getting through life.

With dogs, however, we can completely be ourselves. They don’t care if we have bedhead, if our outfit is mismatched, if we stumble over our words, or if we forget to do the dishes. None of that matters to them. It’s no wonder we miss them so much when we’re away from them and look forward to coming home to their happy faces at the end of a long day.

Capturing the uniqueness of our dogs with pet canvas art

It’s clear that the relationships we have with our dogs are unlike any others.

One of the most amazing ways to capture this special and unique relationship is with a custom dog art pet portrait to display proudly on the walls of your home.


Why choose to create a pet canvas print?

For one thing, you’ll be joining a long tradition of art that celebrates and memorializes pets.

Pet art has been around a long time

Pets have been a favored subject in art for years.

Painters like Picasso and Warhol immortalized their beloved companions in their art (and that’s to say nothing of the creators of Marmaduke, Garfield, and Snoopy), and so did Renaissance painters, who often made a point of including the family dog in portraits.

But it goes much further back than even the Renaissance. Even early cave paintings show dogs and humans living together, proving that from the earliest days of civilization, humans have wanted to capture and preserve their special bond with their dogs through art.

Dog portraits make incredible gifts

Pet portraits also make incredible personalized gifts.

If you know someone who has a dog, giving them a custom dog painting as a holiday or birthday gift is an awesome and unique way to acknowledge their special relationship with their pooch. It’ll be unlike any other gift they receive—guaranteed.

Pet portraits add personality and charm to your interior decor

Your dog is part of the family and they deserve a place among your family pictures!

Plus, a pet portrait adds a huge dose of individuality to your home decor. Hang a dog painting in your living room and it won’t be long before it becomes the most talked-about object in your home.

Pet portraits honor our beloved companions

One of the most difficult aspects of being a pet owner is the grief you experience when your pet passes on.

While nothing can take the place of your animal friend, a pet canvas art piece is a touching way to commemorate them, keeping them alive in your heart and mind. It’s also a sweet reminder of the many happy times you spent together.


Start creating your pet portrait

It’s easy to turn your pet into a work of art today. At Canvaspop, it takes just minutes to create your custom pet portrait.

Simply upload your photo of your pet and our team of designers will turn it into an amazing canvas print that is crafted by hand and packed with care to be shipped right to you.

Click the button below to get started.

Create my pet portrait.

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