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Memories make the best gifts

By Amy Wright | Oct 6, 2021

Whether you and your partner are celebrating your first-year milestone or you’ve spent decades as a couple, every anniversary is a cause for celebration. It’s a time to reflect on the special bond you’ve created and the life you’ve built together. And, of course, no anniversary is complete without a heartfelt gift that demonstrates the love and affection you have for each other.

The most meaningful anniversary gifts are ones that are personal, that show you took the time to think about your partner, your relationship, and what they mean to you. You want to give a gift that says, “I love you, today and every day, Happy Anniversary”. That’s why photo memories are such amazing gift ideas. Printing your photos together keeps your memories front and center and incorporates them into your daily life.

A framed canvas print of a cherished photo memory is a classic and sophisticated addition to your home, but it’s really just the beginning. There are several creative ways you can use photos to tell your story as a couple.

One of our favorite ideas for gifts for newlyweds and long-standing couples alike is a photo gift that features a collection of images centered around a specific theme or moment in time. The possibilities are truly endless, but here are some ideas to help spark your inspiration.

A favorite trip or vacation

Your first trip together as a couple, your honeymoon, an anniversary trip, or an impromptu weekend road trip all make great subjects for a photo story that you can display in your home. Choose a definitive photo that captures the essence of your trip and print it in a large format for a unique and personalized piece of wall art. Or choose several photos that tell the story of your trip in special moments and turn them into a stunning photo collage.


Your special moments and places

Sometimes the most memorable moments happen in your day-to-day life: morning coffee at your favorite local cafe, a bike ride around town, watching the sunset in your backyard. These special moments also make great photo memories and wonderful anniversary gifts. You can collect them in a photo album, pepper them around your home in canvas prints or framed prints, or choose a few to hang in places of honor around your home.

Wedding photos

The day you became a married couple is a major one in the history of your relationship. Give it a place of prominence in your home with a photo gift, whether it’s a framed canvas print, an artsy triptych, or a mat framed print. This kind of personalized gift is sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face and maybe even a happy tear or two.


A year in your life together

Another awesome anniversary gift that tells the story of your relationship is a framed or mounted collection of special moments from the past year in your life. You can choose a handful of highlights for a customized photo collage, or go all out and create a custom gallery wall in your home with a variety of framed photo prints in several shapes and sizes.

A world of anniversary gift options

We can help you create personalized, memorable gifts that will become treasured keepsakes. It’s easy to get started. Simply upload your photos to Canvaspop, select your framing and mounting options, and we take care of the rest. The printing, packing, and shipping is handled at every stage by a team of dedicated experts who will ensure that your photos look fantastic and arrive in perfect condition.

Start creating your anniversary gifts right now. Click the button below to get started.

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