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Making Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

By Amy Wright | Apr 10, 2018

Going to college and moving away from home is a big, yet exciting change. Although you’re pumped about living on your own, homesickness may naturally arise. Contrary to popular belief, college dorm rooms don’t have to be a boring or drab. Make the most out of your living space and learn how to decorate your dorm room beautifully and make it feel warm and cozy, just like home.

Add life to your walls

When you step into your dorm it will look totally empty. Don’t let that intimidate you, instead think of it as an amazing opportunity to get creative and personalize it to your liking. Starting with wall decor is a great way to add some photos of family and friends or displaying things that matter to you. You’ll be able to look at these everyday and get that warm fuzzy feeling. Also, you can make the wall decor look totally awesome! Here are a few ideas of things to hang on your wall:

1) A corkboard

This is very practical and can look fun as well. Stay on top of homework by sticking important To-Dos on your board, and then add some photos and great quotes to liven it up.

2) Lighting

Hang some string lights on your wall to create a warm atmosphere in your dorm. This will also give your room a nice boho style.

3) Photos

You can display your favorite photos or canvas prints in so many cool ways. A few ways to do showcase them is with a photo gallery wall, leaning them against the wall on a mantel, placing a frame on your bedside table, hanging them on a cord or simply by hanging them sporadically around your dorm. If you’re thinking of a gallery wall, try mix and matching different frames and different pieces of wall art like in the image below.


Photo cred: The Odyssey Online

Make your bed Cozy

You will value all the sleep you can get, especially when exams come around. You’ll definitely want your bed to feel cozy and warm, just like at home. Your bed will also likely be the focal point of the room, so decoration is key. Here are some gorgeous bed decor tips:

1) Tons of pillows!

They’re so fluffy! And they make the bed feel even cosier. You can add some different pops of colors, fuzzy pillows or even an awesome custom pillow (with your doggo’s face on it perhaps?).

2) Blankets

Yes, they literally keep you warm, but they should make you feel warm when you look at them too. You’ll want a nice comforter, whether it's a neutral light color (and then adding colorful pillows) or it has an awesome print, make sure you choose a comforter you really like. You can also add a cool, colourful or fuzzy blanket to go over it.


Photo cred: BravoTV

Create a welcoming study space

Unfortunately yes, there will be some studying involved while in college (huge bummer, I know). Yet, if you have an inviting desk and work area, it will make studying a lot less daunting. Get motivated to study with these easy ways to step up your desk decor game.

1) Pen holder

Although most homework is done digitally, it’s always nice to write some things down or highlight your study notes. You can get pretty inventive with a pen holder on your desk. This can be anything from your favourite mug to a hand-carved wood pen holder. Choose something eye-catching and meaningful, that way, maybe you’ll get excited when you reach for your pens and pencils and get started on your homework.

2) Flowers or plants

Plants literally give air and life. Oh, and they make a great decor piece. Plants or flowers will help make your room feel more alive and homey. If you’re worried about watering them, maybe opt for a cute little cactus instead.

3) A fun mouse pad

If you’re not on a laptop or if you use a mouse, why not choose a fun mousepad to add a pop of color to your desk.

4) A lamp

Not just for great study lighting but also as a nice finishing touch to your desk decor. Find a lamp that will match with the rest of the style of your room.


Photo cred: Advice from a Twenty Something


Add that last personal touch and extra oomph to your room with some accessorizing! Candles, wall tapestry, a photo collage, nice blinds, a cool rug, bookshelves, more flowers and plants and anything else that speaks to your decor soul!

We truly hope these tips will help you feel comfortable in your new dorm room. Best of luck on this incredible new chapter in your life.

Hero pic photo cred: Pottery Barn

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