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Large scale art that works in every room

By | Apr 30, 2021

Is there space for large-scale wall art in your home? Absolutely!

You have scrolled through Pinterest boards with envy and have eyed the walls of your favorite gallery with longing, now it is time to create just that kind of statement in your own home with oversized wall art.

Whether you have a large space to fill or just love the idea of having a large art print in a central space in your home, oversized wall art is a look that is really easy to achieve at home and you don’t need to dig deep in your pockets to invest in original artwork to get it either.

Large canvas prints and framed prints are also a fantastic and affordable way to have the art you love on your walls. From photo printing to fine art or modern art prints, the sky is the limit to what you can choose to put on display with personalized wall art done in a large format.

Classic or modern, large wall ideas to suit your space

If you have large wall space and want to create a striking effect, a large canvas print or large framed print will create a focal point in the room, drawing the eye and creating an instant mood. Make a visual statement for your space by choosing modern prints with bold colors or a moody black and white print of a photograph that will stand out against the rest of your furnishings.

Instead of one single large print, you can also choose to hang an oversized triptych of one beautiful print split into three separate prints that live side by side, not only filling your space visually but creating that additional negative space for added effect.


The art of finding the right place for oversized wall art

The type of wall art you choose depends on the space you have to fill.

Want to elevate your master bedroom with a moody nature canvas or perhaps something more abstract? The space above your bed is the perfect piece of open wall for a large-scale art piece. And even though it is big, it won’t make your room feel smaller. In fact, large framed prints or wall décor can have the opposite effect. They can make a space feel larger and brighter and roomier.


A large art print or bigger canvas prints can be the perfect solution to that space above your sofa, above the fireplace, or in an open wall of your living room. Placed opposite your big furniture pieces they balance the entire room.

Cutting out the clutter of a gallery wall, a large print is that final piece in the décor puzzle. Even if you do have space for a gallery wall, choosing one large-scale print can be the anchor to that gallery for a bolder, cleaner effect.

Make an entrance of your entryway with one large print on the wall directly above your hall table or console. A strong single-focused print can change an ordinary dining room into a café style experience and a beautiful backdrop to many memorable dinners.


Finally, an oversized print in bright, happy colors or fun characters or messages can turn a child’s bedroom into a happy haven.

Small space. Big wall art.

Not only for large, open spaces, big wall art can be just what your small space needs to make it feel bigger. Following the less is more rule, that one large print is minimalistic with a big impact. Reducing the amount of clutter on your wall with just one statement piece creates the impression of more space. Simple modern prints, abstracts, or classic nature pieces can make the most of a small urban space.


Personalized printing and affordable big wall prints.

When you choose to print large-scale wall art with Canvaspop you get to choose exactly what you want for your space, from the style and color to the size and type of print. Find the prints and pictures you love on Canvaspop Art or choose from your own photography to make big statements in your home. Large canvas prints are one of our specialties, printing up to 40” x 72” with custom oversized prints available too.

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