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How to take frame-worthy photos while traveling

By Amy Wright | Jun 17, 2021

There’s a reason why everyone, even those who wouldn’t consider themselves photographers, love taking photos on their trips. These experiences are unique and special, and photos help preserve those special memories. Modern smartphones, especially iPhones, have made it easy for everyone to take good pictures, and with a few tips, you can capture even better travel photos that truly reflect your adventures.

Plan Your Photos Around the Best Light

The “golden hours” around sunrise and sunset offer the best natural light for photography. Early morning and late afternoon provide soft, diffused light that enhances the beauty of your subjects. Avoid taking photos during midday when the sun is at its harshest, casting strong shadows and overexposing your images. Planning your shots during these optimal times ensures your travel photos have the best lighting possible.

A giraffe safari canvas print hung up in a living room against a light blue wall.

Use the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a fundamental principle in photography that helps create balanced and interesting compositions. Imagine your photo divided into nine equal parts by two horizontal and two vertical lines. Place the most important elements of your image along these lines or at their intersections. This technique adds depth and visual interest to your photos, making them more engaging. Use the grid feature on your iPhone camera to easily follow this rule and ensure your horizons are level.


Bring a Lightweight Travel Tripod

While it might seem cumbersome, a lightweight travel tripod can significantly improve your travel photography. It allows you to capture stable, detailed shots in low light, create stunning landscape photos, and take self-portraits without the risk of camera shake. Travel tripods are compact and can easily fit into a backpack, making them a handy tool for any travel photographer.


Experiment with Different Heights and Angles

Instead of always shooting from eye level, try varying your perspective to add interest to your photos. Shoot from a low angle to make subjects appear larger and more dramatic, or from a high vantage point to capture a bird’s-eye view. Playing with different heights and angles can turn ordinary scenes into extraordinary images that stand out.

A white bedroom with four travel photos printed on canvas hung above the bed.

Plan Ahead for the Perfect Shot

Great photos often require careful planning. Research your destinations to identify the best spots and times for photography. Consider the weather, lighting, and potential crowds. Allow yourself time to explore and experiment with different shots. If you’re traveling with others, set aside solo time to focus on your photography without feeling rushed. Planning ahead helps you capture images that are perfect for creating lasting memories on canvas or in photo prints.

Showcase Your Travel Memories on Canvas

Instead of letting your travel photos sit on your phone or disappear into social media feeds, consider printing your favorite shots on canvas. At Canvaspop, we offer high-quality canvas prints that bring your photos to life. Our expert design team can assist with photo editing to remove unwanted elements and enhance your images, ensuring you get the best possible results. Whether it’s a breathtaking landscape, a vibrant cityscape, or a memorable selfie, your travel photos deserve to be displayed and cherished.

European street view of colorful buildings and parked cars.

Types of Travel Photos to Print on Canvas

A group of friends taking a selfie together at a paint festival.

Capturing the Moments: Additional Tips

A white bedroom with four travel photos printed on canvas hung above the bed.

Relive and Share Your Travel Experiences

Turning your summer adventures into timeless prints allows you to relive your favorite moments year-round. Whether you choose large canvas prints, framed prints, or a collection of photos, displaying your travel memories in your home keeps those experiences fresh in your mind. Canvaspop makes it easy to create stunning wall art that reflects your personal style and preserves the essence of your travels.

A woman standing between the pillars of the Gates of Heaven in front of a volcano at sunset in Indonesia.

Ready to transform your travel photos into beautiful canvas prints or framed art? Click below to start creating unique and lasting reminders of your adventures. With Canvaspop, your cherished travel memories can become art that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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