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How to scan old photos

By Amy Wright | Jul 15, 2020

Remember the days when we would lug film cameras around, then have to go to a store to have our photos developed? We do too. And now all of those photos are in an old album or shoebox stored somewhere collecting dust and never getting looked at.

Well, don’t let those print photos collect dust any longer! Turn them into your new favorite conversation starters. Whether you’re looking for a canvas print, collage print, triptych print, or framed print, all of your old photos can find the perfect home in a new piece of wall art!

But before you can turn these photos into wall art, you have to digitalize them! Why is digitalizing your old print photos a great idea? There are many reasons, but the one we think is most important is preserving the life of these precious memories.

You’ll never have to worry about the photos getting damaged, lost, or stolen by turning them into digital photos. And once you do, you can back them up on your computer, on Google Photos, save them to a USB so that you can access them anywhere, and share your precious photo memories with your family and friends on social media!

Old film photo of two women standing

When it comes to preserving your photos there are two options, have a print shop do it for you or scan them yourself.

Scanning multiple photos yourself can be extremely time-consuming. Using a photo service provider is perfect for when you want to scan a whole box of old photos, but keep in mind that you’re sending what is likely to be your only copies of these photos in the mail and there’s no guarantee they won’t get lost or damaged in this process. So depending on the size of your project you can decide which option is best for you.

If you’re leaning toward using an online service provider here are some online resources that can help get you started:

There’s also the option to use a smartphone app to scan your photos. Here are some apps that come with great reviews and recommendations:

And once you have scanned your photos the real fun can begin!

Decide which photos you want to turn into wall art, where you would like to hang your favorite vintage photo memory or who you’d like to gift it to, and what kind of wall art you’d like to create (canvas print, framed print, etc.).

Once you have decided on the perfect old snapshot to print, head on over to to create your masterpieces! Need help deciding which photos would be best, what size to go with, or something else? Shoot a message to our incredible customer support team and they will be more than happy to help you!

Ready to create your work of art? Get started by clicking the button below.

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