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How to decorate your dorm room

By Amy Wright | Sep 22, 2019

Decorating your dorm room can be challenging, especially when you don’t have much to work with in terms of size and shared wall space. Your dorm is where you sleep, eat, study and socialize, so you want it to be cozy, stylish and most importantly represent you. Decorating and personalizing your room with custom wall art is the perfect way to make it feel like home. Here are some ideas on how to create wall art for your dorm room, and design a space that reflects your personality.

Create your picture-perfect canvas

When designing your new room you definitely want to incorporate color, patterns, and art to make it more vivid and interesting. Since you might be limited to the stark white walls of your residence, you can always print a photo or a cool design on a canvas print to show off your unique sense of style. You can display one large canvas print of a landscape you love or a couple of canvas and framed prints of your friends and family. You can print anything from places you’ve traveled to your four-legged BFF, that way you'll always remember your favourite people, pets, places while you’re away from home.


Read your way to motivation

From the late night study sessions or what seem to be endless readings, we know that all the school work can sometimes feel overwhelming. Get motivated with some fun and inspirational framed prints that will also amp up your desk decor. Make sure to choose a quote that is personal and motivates you, this way every time you sit at your desk you’ll remember the reason you started in September and get working for that diploma. With all the hard work you’ll be putting in, your next framed print will be of your diploma!


Gallery of memories

Since your dorm room usually offers one big, boring white wall, a gallery wall is the perfect option to make your room feel infinitely more interesting. The beauty of a gallery wall is that you can have canvas prints, framed prints or other items that speak to you and the things you love. As you make new memories, you can always expand it or simply switch out the old pieces for new ones. Having photos of all the special people in your life can help replace that homesick feeling with a feeling of warmth and ease.


With these simple tips and trick, your new space can represent you without having to break the bank. So, don’t be afraid to personalize your dorm just the way you like it and really make it yours.

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