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Hottest dorm room decor trends

By Amy Wright | Dec 24, 2021

Dorm room wall art is an easy and affordable way to create a relaxing and creative space

If you’re among the freshman class of 2021 (or know someone who is), you’re probably thinking about how you can make the most of your dorm room, since it will be the space where you eat, sleep, study, and party for the school year.

Take it from us when we say that how you decorate your dorm room is everything. You want to create a space that’s relaxing and inspiring as well as warm and welcoming. And most dorm rooms are anything but when you first move in.

Don’t be discouraged if you’re greeted by old, scuffed, dirty walls—treat them as if they’re a big blank canvas just waiting for your unique style and creativity. And the best and easiest (and most affordable) way to do that is with custom wall art for your dorm room.

Here are some of the hottest dorm room decorating trends that are making the grade in 2021.

Hang a “curtain” of twinkle lights and photos next to your bed

Twinkle lights are an incredible way to punch up your dorm room decor. Get several strings of twinkle lights and hang them vertically on the wall next to your bed (this works equally well for either the headboard area or the side of your bed). Then grab some colorful clothespins and clip your favorite photos. You can even hang canvas prints and art prints underneath the lights to create a cool atmosphere that showcases your photo memories in a beautiful soft light. Swap out the photos from season to season to keep things fresh and interesting (and as you create new photo-worthy memories on campus).

Create a mini gallery wall of square 10x10 canvas prints

OK, this idea is less of a trend and more of a timeless, classic, never-goes-out-of-style approach to decorating with framed art. The technique is simple: get a bunch of smaller custom canvas or framed prints and hang them on your wall to create your own mini art gallery. We love mixing and matching different styles of art for maximum visual impact, so go wild with graphic prints, word art, and personal photos.

This is an excellent way to instantly make your dorm room feel like home and showcase your personality through your special memories. If you received framed photos prints or photo memories as high school graduation gifts, it’s also a great way to display them.

A gallery wall is also a fantastic ice breaker. In no time, your dorm room will become the go-to place to snap pics and film videos because of the cool backdrop you’ve created that’s unlike anything else on campus.


Use a statement canvas print to fill empty wall space

Another awesome way to approach dorm room wall art is to choose one fabulous, eye-catching, space-filling custom canvas print to cover one wall and set the tone for the whole room. We love abstract prints for this purpose, since they come in a range of options, from sophisticated and minimalist to bold and evocative. Mid-century modern art prints a la Andy Warhol is another great option and an instant conversation starter.

A large canvas print can also provide the focal point for the rest of your dorm decor. Simply choose a main color from the artwork and then get accent pieces, like area rugs and throw blankets, in the same color family. This is an amazing and extremely easy way to make the room feel pulled together and polished.

Get a bunch of framed prints to brighten up your shelves and tabletops

Your walls aren’t the only space that could benefit from an infusion of art. Your bookshelves, nightstand, coffee table, and any other flat surface are prime territories for framed prints of your favorite photos and prints. (Pro tip for parents: These framed prints make great graduation gift ideas!)


Find awesome and affordable canvas prints and photo prints

Making your dorm room cozy and creative is super easy. Get everything you need now so that when the school year starts up, you’re ready to make your dorm room decor pop.

Start by checking out our huge selection of prints for inspiration. Happy decorating!

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