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How to Make Your Home Office More Professional

By Amy Wright | Apr 22, 2020

Have you been finding it difficult to adjust to working from home? Not only do we have to battle a whole new set of distractions (kids, partners, roommates, the fridge, etc.), we also have to figure out how to properly present ourselves during all of those inevitable video calls!

Here are some tips on how to make your home office, remote workspace, or newly converted dining room table look and feel more professional when working from home.

Keep your workspace tidy

Keeping your workspace tidy will create a more professional atmosphere during your video calls, but it will also help with your productivity. An organized workspace makes it easier for you to focus on the task at hand and can prevent potential distractions.

Take a look at all of the objects in your workspace and ask yourself:

  • Does this contribute to my ability to get my work done?

  • Does this put a smile on my face?

  • Does it crowd my workspace in a negative way?

Having only essentials on your desk can help you get in the right frame of mind to work while at home.

Show off your accomplishments

Hanging your degree, diploma, or other certifications you have achieved over the years will immediately make your home office look more professional. You didn't go through all that schooling to have those papers collect dust. Impress your colleagues by hanging your accomplishments within view of your camera.

Add personalized wall art to your office space

Surround yourself with artwork that motivates and encourages you. Keeping your home office space clutter-free with a few pieces of art will ensure you’re giving the right impression on your video calls.

Home office art

Whether you’re looking for a framed print, a canvas print, or both, the perfect home office art is something that reflects who you are but remains professional.