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How to Hang a Picture Straight Without a Level

By Amy Wright | May 9, 2018

We’ve seen so many awesome gallery walls our customers have created with canvas prints and framed prints. We figured that we could help you by giving some simple tips on how to hang pictures straight without a level. All you need is your smartphone, a tape measure, and a gumball (or any other small round item).

Option #1: Smartphone App

iPhone App

Place the phone on the frame and adjust to center the bubble.

Option #2: Tape Measure

Measuring Tape

Start from the ceiling and measure to each corner. Adjust the frame so the lines match up.

Option #3: Round Object

Gum Ball

Place the object (we used a gumball) on top of the frame. If it rolls, adjust the frame accordingly.

These tricks could come in handy when you're hanging art in your office, dorm room, or anywhere else you might not have a level handy. Check out the video here!

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