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Embracing floral prints for spring

By Amy Wright | May 1, 2024

Springtime is here, and with it, all the vibrant blossoms, pops of color, and smell of flowers in the air.

With the bushes flowering, gardens blossoming, and trees awakening, Spring is a time of rejuvenation, renewal, healing, and freshness. And what better time to breathe new life into your home than with new décor featuring one of nature’s best Interior decor trends – floral prints!

Incorporating floral prints into your décor is the best way to usher in the spirit of Spring into your home this season. Nature is calling, and you can answer it by bringing the outdoors in and lavishing your walls, floors, and surfaces with vibrant prints from CanvasPop.

Whether you enjoy subtle blossoms or fiery blooms, floral prints will uplift your living spaces and bring in the vibrancy and relaxation of Spring. And you will not be alone on this journey either. Floral prints have long been the ultimate ode to springtime and are all the rage in 2024. With the sun coming out, people are dusting up their floral dresses and shirts and attending garden parties to sip colorful drinks by the water.

But nothing delivers the magic of Spring into your life quite like a décor change combining the classic beauty of flowers with the elegance of subtle material. If you are ready to take the plunge, read on to find out innovative ways to incorporate floral prints into your décor this season and let Spring into your home with prints from CanvasPop.

Floral Prints in Home Décor Through the Years

Floral prints may have gone out of fashion for a while, but they are back in full force.

For some time, florals were associated with grandma's furniture, faded flower prints, old china, and moldy wallpaper. But this timeless décor has a long history and an even more vibrant future. Let’s start with a look at floral prints through the years.

Timeless Designs

Floral patterns were first used in interior design in the 1950s. During this time, the look we most commonly associate with our grandparents’ homes was born, complete with statement sofas, floral drapery and upholstery, skirted silhouettes, and tiny prim and proper floral prints. In the next decade, however, the cabbage roses and intertwining stalks were replaced with more liberated designs, which made their way to walls and floors.

The 1970s saw floral prints get even bigger and bolder, and the color palette expanded to include saturated colors like avocado, orange, and mustard. This was also the era of shaggy rugs and fabrics in greens and browns.

The style in the 1980s was frillier and more feminine. It quickly gave way to the chic sophistication of the 90s that accompanied the use of silk. In the 2000s, most spaces mixed and matched a little bit of everything before floral prints died down as minimalistic spaces became more prominent.

Mom and daughter surrounded by flowers

Floral Prints Today

Today, homeowners are looking to infuse more color and light into the clean and neutral minimalistic spaces of the past few years.

Modern floral prints are available in various colors and styles, including abstract prints that provide a fun and fresh look and photorealistic florals that create ambiance.

You can pick from a wide range of styles to suit your preferences and blend into your current décor. With their subtle elegance and feminine grace, vintage floral prints are a nod to the past. Abstract prints bring nature into your home through forms, shapes, lines, and colors. Other options include delicate watercolor blossoms, Fleur de Lis prints, the Ditsy print, and Calico.

How to Select the Right Prints for Your Home – Tips and Tricks

Floral prints are bold and bright. As such, incorporating them into your home without overwhelming your décor is a delicate dance. When looking at the color, scale, and design of floral prints, keep the following pointers in mind:

Decorate Each Room Independently

You may want to create a uniform floral motif across your entire home. But the truth is, every room in your house is different – and so should be your approach.

The kitchen and living room, for instance, need tons of natural light and a light, airy feel. This means that you should consider soft and light fabrics and happy colors. In the bathroom and bedroom, you can create comfort with more calming hues.

The best place to put your personal style on display is in seating areas. Incorporate floral prints in centerpieces like artwork, fabric, floors, and upholstery, going as bold or diminutive as you would like. In other rooms, keep things light and focus on curtains, accessories, and other decorative elements.

Pick Natural Colors

If the idea is to invite Spring into your home, you should use colors you would normally see in nature. This includes natural shades in calming hues, including seasonal tones like red, purple, and pink and deeper colors like blue, brown, and dark green.

Match Floral Prints to Create Themes

Make sure the floral designs in your home complement each other. But rather than try to match the floral patterns on different accessories and items, pick similar tones, forms, and shapes. Play around with scale to create visual texture, using different sizes of the same print in one area. If the designs begin to look too overpowering, pare back with neutral anchor elements.

For Modern Spaces, Go Big and Bold

If you are going for modern décor, select big and bold prints for your floral decorations. This is where unique wall art and full-wall wallpaper really shine. Create statement pieces that anchor the room and break the areas around them with negative space for a bold but clean look.

How to Decorate Your Home with Floral Prints

When you add floral prints to your décor, they should elevate it, not overwhelm it. If you are in the mood to redecorate, here is how you can add floral touches to different rooms in your home:

Create a Focal Point with Wallpaper and Nature Art

Wall décor can immediately transform a room, adding dimension and character. Start with floral wallpaper and decorate one or several walls with a print that does not clash with the rest of your décor. On one wall, accentuate your design with customized wall art featuring nature motifs like framed flowers, forests, or abstract landscapes. You can also group several picture frames to create visual depth.

Girl running through sunflowers

Frame the Rooms with Window Treatments and Rugs.

It is easy to forget the floors when decorating your home. For a complete look, lay down a warm rug with a vivid nature design, such as hand-printed block patterns. Frame the rest of the room with light and airy floral curtain panels that let in the sun and fall gracefully to right above the floor.

Add Contrast with Throw Pillows and Blankets

When decorating with throw pillows, create balance and contrast by mixing solid colors with floral patterns. Make sure that the pillows share at least one undertone or color. With throw blankets, pick natural fabrics with colors that contrast with the furniture but complement your color palette.

Liven Up Your Dining Décor

Whether or not you plan to have dinner guests this Spring, the dining room offers immense opportunities for styling your home with floral print. Add some visual interest to your tabletop with detailed floral placemats, table runners, and tablecloths.

Switch Your Accessories as the Seasons Change

Finally, floral prints that work well in your home during Spring may seem out of place in winter. Switch up your accessories and decorations as the seasons change to keep your décor fresh and relevant.

How Can Floral Aesthetics Affect Your Health?

There is no better way to recreate the calming and healing effects of nature in your home than through floral décor. Surrounding yourself with natural colors and shapes can create a mood change, leaving you feeling happier and more relaxed.

Often, this change is immediately perceptible. Flowers help us mark so many important moments in our lives – from weddings and anniversaries to death and memorials. So, on some level, the image, smell, and texture of flowers silently evokes emotion. A bright tropical print signals brightness and energy and a pale rose pattern sets a romantic and calm mood.

This assertion is even supported by science. According to behavioral research, flowers – even the sight of flowers – triggers elevated happiness and feelings of contentment. The presence of flowers or floral prints in your home can boost your productivity, make you feel more creative, relieve stress, and sharpen your focus.

This is all the more reason to add floral print to your décor.

Wrapping Up: Add Light and Energy to Your Home This Spring

The versatility and timelessness of floral prints makes them a great way to create healing personalized living spaces this Spring. In addition to adding personality and warmth to your home, the vibrant colors and shapes will improve your mood, allowing you to relax and rejuvenate as the season unfolds.

Essentially, redecorating with floral prints goes beyond buying new curtains – It is a way to let in life and light into your home and transform it into a cozy and bright cocoon where your mind is at peace. And from subtle floral accessories to bold statement walls and wallpaper, the options are endless.

So, what are you waiting for? The home decoration ideas in this guide will guide you on your journey to Springtime bliss.

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