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Create word art that speaks to you

By Amy Wright | Nov 18, 2021

Lyrics about life; quotes about friendship; songs about love, stories about strength, perseverance, and serenity. Serendipitously, they aspire to bring out our best.

Words are powerful. They can lift us up, push us forward and take us somewhere new. Some people live by them, idolize them. For others, they're something to be ignored, rejected in order to live a more meaningful life. Whatever the case may be, when words are everywhere we can't help but be impacted by them. And in this impact, they shape not only thoughts but actions. They go beyond the written word when someone's voice speaks them, and when something is painted with them, pinned with them around us, that power multiplies.

The idea behind wall art is simple: to give people a reason to pause when walking by or past it. To give them something to think about, contemplate and discover. It may be a quote, a poem, a song lyric, or just plain words. Who we are as people comes from what we take in and how we perceive it. So when presented with simple words that make us pause for even just one second, the impact it has on us is huge. We become acutely aware that words are everywhere, and they have a meaning behind them no matter if we understand them or not. And sometimes, they give us the courage to be who we are because someone else was too.

Word Art styles

Our Word Art prints are made with this idea in mind. They're simple words that could mean anything but create something bigger than themselves. Words that can impact people if they choose to take them in and use it as their strength, or go beyond it and develop a new understanding of themselves with them as a guide. Simple words that may just change the world if they're understood correctly.

And this is what word art expresses. It's not just pretty words sprayed onto paper or printed on a canvas; it's something more. It gives words the power to impact other people, and that makes them beautiful.

If you're looking for something to put up in your living room or bedroom, consider these words. Consider going for something that will not only give your space a new look but something that you can think about every time you're in there. Be inspired by the power of words and let them guide you to a better version of yourself.

After all, they're everywhere.

Lyrics about life; quotes about friendship; songs about love, stories about strength, perseverance, and serenity. Serendipitously, they aspire to bring out our best.

Through words, human emotions are evoked. We feel what the artist feels, and in that sense, separation is lost and recognition is found. We feel part of something bigger than ourselves—a kindred connection to another living being. An ability to see the universe through another's point of view.

Through words, we can join a family of artists that have come before us and inspire those yet to come.

Through words, we're connected in a way that transcends time and space. Life is multi-dimensional through the power of the written word, and this truth shapes life on earth as we know it today. This is the essence and beauty of words; they live forever, and we're lucky enough to shape our experiences through them.

Through words, wisdom can be found.

By finding the perfect words for our home and wall décor, we not only beautify our space but also inspire ourselves to move through life more intentionally. By creating an atmosphere of motivation and inspiration, we set the tone for every moment we spend in our homes. By giving your wall décor an artistic edge with the power of words, you stepping into a more purposeful life: a life with added meaning, value, and intentionality just for you.

Word Art styles

The right word art wall decor designs can inspire you to be who you are with confidence, finish what you start with determination, and enjoy every day to the fullest because you know you're exactly where you should be.

Through words, we experience our humanity in a uniquely fulfilling way. We can opt to see the world from another's perspective, and this changes how we understand what it means to be human—it gives us new insights into life itself. Our lives are defined by experiences with people and places, but our lived experiences are communicated in words and can be displayed through art.

To experience humanity at its best, consider using words as an inspiration to create a beautiful living space for yourself and others. Life is too short not to enjoy the beauty of this world, and sometimes that beauty can come straight from our hearts onto a canvas. You don't have to be a pro to express yourself—words can inspire anyone, and everyone deserves to be inspired.

Let your words guide you, and allow them to be a guide for others. You'll be amazed at the transformations that come from something as simple and beautiful and powerful and true as a word.

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