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One interior decor product to complete the look

By Amy Wright | Dec 6, 2021

Custom wall art: the easiest way to complete a room

We’ve all had the experience of walking into a room and feeling off as if something was missing. In fact, this often happens when you move into a new home and can’t quite figure out how to warm it up. Whether you’re newly furnishing or redecorating your home, in this post we’ll tell you how to add those perfect finishing touches to tie a room together.

The basics of decorating with wall art

The most important part of any interior design project is to make sure the room has a balanced flow, with all elements cohesively working together. While you focus on other areas of your home, you might have forgotten about your wall decor. Often, this can be a forgotten aspect of decorating a new home, but it’s one of the key elements interior designers take into account. Whether or not you have any experience with interior design, in this article we’ll outline some beginner-friendly wall decor tips that will turn any space into a masterpiece.

Follow a color palette

If you haven’t already, take note of the color theme in your home. Are you noticing an overflow of warm tones such as orange, auburn, and yellow, or are you seeing a more cool theme with blues, greens, and purples?

Choosing a color theme is one of the most defining elements of interior design, so it’s important that you find one and follow it to create flow and balance. And if you find yourself without a color theme, wall art is one of the easiest ways to incorporate new colors.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that while you can simply choose to decorate with your favorite color, you need to take into account its emotional and psychological effects. For example, cool colors such as baby blue and forest green create a feeling of relaxation and stillness. Whereas vibrant colors such as lemon yellow and bright red can make you feel passionate and energetic. Make sure to reference a color wheel to find colors that work well together and choose wall art accordingly.

Follow the rule of three

One trick that interior designers swear by is following the rule of three, which states that the most visually appealing interior design arrangement is that of three objects which have the same elements, such as color, pattern, or texture. In following the rule of three, you might decorate your living room with two royal blue couch pillows and a canvas print above the couch with a primary focus on royal blue of the water in a beautiful shot you took on your last vacation. Another example is creating a gallery wall with a variety of frames, three of which feature the same color.

Make it meaningful

Whatever your hobbies and values are, there’s no better way to tie them into your home than wall decor. In order to make your home feel like it’s yours, you have to make it unique with your special interests. Some examples include putting up framed prints of your favorite sports teams in action or a collage print of your friends and family. We highly recommend creating custom wall art to take this tip a step further.

Why choose custom wall art?

Wall art is one of the most interchangeable decor items, meaning that you can easily swap out pieces if you want to try out a new look, and if you customize your pieces, you can make your space look as close to your desired vision as possible without having to search for the “perfect piece.”

Additionally, when you customize your wall art instead of searching for the right piece, you can easily complete each room’s color palette. But most importantly, custom wall art allows you to make your space entirely your own with images and pictures that are meaningful to you.

Complete the look

However you decide to decorate your space, we hope this article helped you understand how to tie any space together through a few simple interior design tips and the simple selection of print that speaks to you . Even if you just want to freshen up a room, a single canvas print can make all the difference.

Click the button below to create and print custom wall art and get started on your interior design project today. Happy decorating!

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