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Choosing wall art to match your wall colors

By Amy Wright | May 26, 2021

While it’s intuitive to some, for most people choosing wall art doesn’t just happen. It could be the biggest challenge you’ll face when you’re ready to put the finishing touches on your interior décor. One question everyone asks is whether wall art should match the walls.

The answer is yes…and no. Here’s what you’ll want to consider when selecting wall art for your home, starting with the basics of color theory.

Color Theory 101

Even if you didn’t major in art, you’ve likely seen a color wheel. It’s one tool designers use to provide structure to how they use color to bring the design elements of a room together. Color wheels are not a fad—Sir Isaac Newton created the first diagram of colors in 1666. So this theory has been tried and tested.

Three-part color wheels show primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. In theory, you should use a color wheel to determine what colors complement each other, making it easier to choose color schemes for your home. When you combine colors based on color theory, your desired outcome is color harmony or something pleasing to the eye. Which is what most of us are aiming for.

When you choose wall décor, you want the artwork to engage the eyes and create a sense of order. There’s a fine line between bland and chaotic when it comes to mixing and matching, it’s all about finding the perfect balance.

Using the principles of color theory can help you achieve that balance. Keep in mind that there are multiple theories about how to use color theory to create harmony.

Select wall art to compliment your décor

In most cases, people choose canvas prints or photo prints after deciding on the overall style of the room or home. Generally, they don’t buy a piece of wall art, then choose furnishings, flooring, and paint colors.

Unless you’re starting with a blank canvas, the first step to select your favorite photos or art prints and other decorative elements for your walls and take inventory. What décor already exists in the room?

If your current colors are primarily neutral, choose colorful framed wall art. Rich colors and textures will draw the eye. For spaces where you’ve already woven color and texture, choose more subdued pieces, such as black and white printed photos or canvas prints.

The key is to put complementary styles and colors together but do it in a way that makes the room reflect your unique personality and style.


The concept of color contrast

Color wheels and their trusty color palettes are only a baseline. Use color matching but don’t let it confine you. It’s not a design requirement to limit your wall décor to the mix of colors you’ve already included in your space. You can still create visual harmony if you choose what may feel like a clash rather than a match. For example, if you’re choosing large wall art for a living room, look at pieces with a dominant color radically different from the other hues in the décor. A print with a vibrant dominant color against a wall painted in a cool shade can bring the entire room to life!


Let us help you make a statement

Whether you decide to compliment or contrast with your existing décor, personalized wall art makes a statement. What matters is finding pieces that make the space reflect not only harmony but your personality. We love helping people find wall décor that speaks to them! At Canvaspop, you’ll find the latest wall art trends for 2021. You’ll also discover a team of experts ready to help you make your walls your own.

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