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Choosing Wall Art For Your Bathroom

By Amy Wright | Oct 2, 2019

Let’s face it, the bathroom is an important and necessary space in every home. So why not transform it into your own little oasis by simply adding canvas or framed prints and wake up your bathroom walls. Here’s how to choose wall art for your bathroom that will help you transform a once purely functional space into a place you look forward to spending time in (bubble bath and champaign anyone?).

Choosing the right theme or style

Wall art belongs in every room in the house. Hanging art or photos adds a sense of thoughtfulness and interest to your walls. The key to having art perfectly complement any space is to match the theme and style of the room. If your bathroom is modern you could consider abstract canvas prints, black and white framed prints, or scenic shots such as a landscape or cityscape. If your bathroom is more farmhouse or bohemian style, then canvases of nature, vibrant colors, and even family photos would be a fantastic addition to the walls for your bathroom.


Decor that can handle the heat

Bathroom art should be able to withstand daily moisture and humidity. Canvaspop canvas prints are water, fade, scratch, crack and warp-resistant which means they are durable in all environments, including the bathroom. Going with a framed print is also a safe bet since the glass will protect your beloved art.

Adding vibrant colors

Light or white walls can make a bathroom look clean and tidy, but can also make the space feel too bright or too plain. If your bathroom is feeling a little bland, you don’t need to completely redesign or even repaint the whole bathroom. Simply hang a colorful canvas print or framed print to add just the right amount of vibrancy and color to a stark white bathroom.


Add zing to your bathroom walls
Print your favorite photos

Adding pattern and texture

You’re looking for something bold but you’re not quite ready for that crazy wallpaper print or that textured wall. Well, canvas and framed prints are an easy way to add layers, patterns, and depth to your walls.

Choosing where to hang

Where to hang your wall art will, of course, be dependent on the size of the bathroom and available walls. If you have a stand-alone bathtub, then the wall above it is a beautiful spot to create a focal point with your art. Behind the mirror is also a really interesting place to hang your favorite canvas since you can enjoy a glimpse of your beautiful bathroom art in the rearview as you get ready or wash your hands.


Morning mantra

11/10 self-help books tell us that positive affirmations are key to living a happier life. Since we all step in the bathroom in the morning, it’s the perfect place to get inspired and start your day off on the right foot. Adding custom wall art with your favorite inspiring quote or your own unique mantra beside your mirror will set you up for success.

Choosing Multiple prints

Multiple prints are delightful to the eye, an easy way to level up your decor, and helps to cover that empty space if you don’t have one large print. You can try two prints side by side, a captivating gallery wall, or even go vertical with 2-3 prints stacked on a more narrow wall beside your mirror.


Add zing to your bathroom walls
Print your favorite photos
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