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Canvaspop - Behind the scenes

By Amy Wright | Jul 23, 2020

As a Canvaspop customer, you may have interacted with someone from our customer support team. But if you’re someone who knows exactly what you want and you were able to seamlessly order your print with no questions, then you likely don’t even realize that there’s an entire team behind the scenes working away to help you make your memories last forever!

Here at Canvaspop, we pride ourselves on your incredible customer support team. Whether you have a question regarding the process of ordering your canvas print, need help deciding what size of framed print will work best in your space, or something in between, they are always here to help make your experience an enjoyable and easy one.

We’re also lucky to have a team of designers who review every single order placed. Their eyes are able to better catch any potential errors in the photo (a limb cut off by the wrap around the frame, a spelling error, etc.), and inform you of the mistake before it goes to print. They also take the time to make any necessary adjustments to the photo so that it looks its absolute best. All while ensuring you approve any changes made!

Canvaspop office

With a team of full-time developers, we’re able to quickly update our website, making your experience on it even better. With their innovation and expert skills, the sky is the limit for fun new products we will be able to offer in the future.

The marketing team is dedicated to telling the story of Canvaspop, how incredible it is to showcase your favorite moments on high-quality canvas, and the endless possibilities of how custom artwork can improve your mental health, productivity, sense of belonging, etc.

Our teams don’t end there though, we also have a finance team made up of incredibly smart people, an office manager dedicated to creating the best employee experience, and a visionary, hands-on CEO.

It’s an honor that you trust us with your precious memories. We take pride in knowing that we offer the highest, museum-grade quality canvas prints. You can rest assured that your prints are fade-resistant, water-resistant, crack-proof, and made to last over 100 years. Your moments are important to us, and we’re so happy to play a small role in helping you showcase them to your loved ones.

Interested in creating your own custom print? Click the button below to get started.

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