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Appreciating abstract portraits and faces

By Amy Wright | Dec 24, 2021

Well before babies recognize anything else in their environment, they recognize the human face. They learn to follow their parents' gaze and mimic every expression, from an arch of the eyebrow to the curl of a lip.

This fascination with human expression doesn’t leave us as we get older. As adults, we may have a better grasp of facial expressions but that doesn’t make them any less captivating.

What’s at the root of this fascination? Lots of things. Faces are exquisitely subtle and unique maps of life, etched onto an endlessly evolving canvas.

So it’s no wonder they’ve been a favored subject throughout art history, and the focal point of one of the hottest wall art trends in recent years.

If you’re looking for a way to update your home decor in a creative and thought-provoking way, abstract faces and portrait art may be just the thing. Here’s why.

Faces tell stories

As much as we might like to think otherwise, a face reveals so much more than it hides. The lines on a face can tell of a life well lived or one filled with hardship. The glint in an eye can hint at depths no words can adequately express.

Abstract artists live for this kind of ambiguity and it has given rise to some of history’s most memorable and exciting works of art.

A surefire way to add movement, color, and visual intrigue to your home is with an abstract portrait that tells a story—one that unfolds alongside your own.


Faces reveal something about us

The meaning of Mona Lisa’s smile has been debated for centuries, and the matter will never be truly settled. Why? Because faces are difficult to interpret and when we look at them, it’s almost as if we are looking at ourselves. We project our own thoughts, experiences, and interpretations onto them.

In this way, portraits aren’t just art—they’re mirrors. They reflect something back to us about our own minds and hearts. They’re an essential element in our search for meaning and a truly stunning way to bring people together.

Just watch what happens when you hang an abstract canvas print in your house. People gravitate towards it. It becomes a conversation piece. A subject of debate.

You’ll be amazed at how one artwork can provoke such divergent viewpoints. Your dinner parties will never be the same.

Faces offer limitless creativity

Andy Warhol. Picasso. De Kooning. Basquiat. All of these artists were obsessed with painting faces and none of their works even remotely resemble each other.

Could there be any better proof of how endlessly versatile the human face is?

What’s even more captivating about these portraits is how an abstract face invites you to consider the wonderful complexity of the face and the human being behind it. Warhol repeated Marilyn’s face over and over in different colors, urging the viewer to see her in different lights. Picasso played with color and whimsically rearranged features to reveal just how much chaos lurks underneath the surface.

Abstract faces give you something to think about and reflect on, deepening your understanding of yourself and others. What better way to add some interest to your interior design with a thought-provoking canvas print.


Fill your home with thought-provoking portraits and abstract art faces

It’s one thing to see abstract artwork on a trip to a gallery. It’s quite another to see an artwork every day and to let your understanding of it evolve as you do.

The bottom line? Art is meant to be lived with. Filling your home with framed abstract art may just open up your inner world and unleash your creativity in unexpected ways.


You don’t have to be an art buff to appreciate and enjoy abstract portraits and faces. We make it easy to select, print, and display intriguing art in your home.

Get started by browsing our selection of abstract art.

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