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Affordable wall art for your home and where to find it

By Amy Wright | Feb 23, 2022

Wall art allows you to breathe your personality into your spaces by giving character to your walls. It’s said that your space is an extension of yourself, and we couldn’t agree more. Donning your walls with captivating pieces of art can liven them up, adding more oomph to the room’s décor. Serenity sparks joy, and there’s no better way of achieving this than transforming your walls into your home’s focal point.

Give your home that finished look by selecting wallet from our collection of curated art prints. We have different categories of wall art to cater to every taste and space, so you’ll certainly find a match to complement your decor at an unbelievably affordable price.

Ready to shop? Here are twelve categories of affordable wall art ideas for your home that you can find on Canvaspop Art.

Abstract Art

Nothing adds character to a wall more than an abstract piece of art. Don your walls with one of these abstract art pieces available at Canvaspop, and let them capture your imagination in an inspiring way.

All you need to do is peruse through the various masterpiece prints, pick whether you want it printed on canvas or framed and create a conversation-sparking statement piece for your home.


We all love photography, or at least most of us do. Photography enables us to capture and document beautiful memories using colorful images.

Do you have memories you would like to preserve in style by making high-quality, captivating wall art? We’ll that’s our specialty.

Besides, we have a wide range of photographs if you don’t have a personal photo in mind for your walls, simply pick your choice from our gallery of photography prints and create that stunning wall art perfect for your space.

Vintage photo of friends at the pool

Modern Art

If you plan to add a classical touch to your space, then these modern art pieces are a perfect choice. Despite your style and budget, whether modern neutrals or bright bold shape inspired art you can find a great piece to go with your living room decor.

Abstract art piece in living room

Fine Art

If your home features fine interior décor, then sample these vintage inspired fine art pieces to complement it. There are both fine art prints and original paintings in the gallery, so you can certainly find an elegant piece for your living room.

Painting of women looking out window


Want to create a contemporary feel around your home? Then grab these cool and eye pleasing geometric art prints and induce that modern tone to your walls.

Whether you prefer soft and neutral or bold and colorful, Canvaspop has your right taste. Browse through our geometric art prints category to find your match.


If you want to create a feel of the outdoors right inside your living room, then you can personalize your space with one of these captivating landscape prints. Canvaspop has a wide variety of landscape shots from around the world, so you have a rich resource to choose from.


Does nature inspire you? Then you can easily create floral interiors by donning your living room walls with these botanical art prints. From flowers, plants, and fresh produce, there are various designs to choose from that are vibrantly rich in color.

Illustration Art

Illustration art is a powerful way of conveying stories and ideas. It can help you transform a wall into the room’s focal point easily. From being a powerful source of inspiration to sparking conversations, illustration art is an excellent way of inducing a personal touch to your home.


Does the space marvel you? Then why don’t you create a feel of it right inside your home? With a wide variety of astronomy and space wall art available, you can transform your walls into awe-inspiring spaces.


If you love animals, then we have an awesome selection of animal wall artwork and photography to choose from. Whether you want them in canvas or framed print, Canvaspop can fix you with your new favorite print of the worlds most wild and beautiful beings.

Acrylic painting of a dog

Word Art

Want to transform your wall into an inspiration board with an artistic finishing? Then our word art prints can do the job for you.

Imagine your guests entering into your home and reading uplifting and beautiful messages plastered across the walls? Say it with loud and clear with our selection of word art prints at an unbelievably affordable price.

Kid Art

Create a positive and uplifting space for your children by filling their room’s walls with the perfect art prints. Indeed, serenity sparks joy. And joy is a vital ingredient for your kid’s growth and development. Browse through our store for print wall art that will make your kid smile instantly.

Décor is not only meant for aesthetic purposes; it plays a vital role in our general well-being. Donning your walls with beautiful art prints is a simple way of creating a serene indoor environment, which as the adage goes, sparks joy.

Our Canvaspop prints are unbelievably affordable starting at $76.00, and we always have special discounts on our site. Browse through our store for your preferred wall art today and get a 55% discount.

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