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5 Brilliant Ways to Display Your Child’s Art

By Amy Wright | Apr 15, 2019

Is your refrigerator door overflowing with your child’s latest masterpieces? Every day your kids take off for school and arrive home with a new, vibrant work of art. Their hard work and unique projects deserve to be showcased more prominently. What if you could save these memories for life, instead of throwing them on the fridge to be forgotten? Check out these 4 brilliant ways to show off your kid’s creativity and declutter your kitchen.

Frame Your Child’s Art

A simple solution to cleaning up the clutter is to frame your child’s art — but only choose the best pieces. Frame a fantastic painting that stood out to you, an abstract hand painting, or a family portrait they spent hours finishing.

You can even let your child help customize it and pick out a frame. They’ll understand they created something remarkable, and feel proud to show off a framed piece of art that looks so special.


Give Your Child’s Art a Makeover

Who else appreciates your kid’s popsicle stick art as much as you? Your family. Give them a personal gift they’re guaranteed to love. You can really make a special painting pop by turning it into a high-quality canvas print.

Your children can gift their print to Grandma, Aunt, or Uncle. Your family members will be thrilled to receive such a sentimental present!

Not sure where to start? Simply scan or take a photo of your child’s work and upload it to us. Our in-house designers will work then with you to turn it into a gallery-quality photo print. Perfect as a gift for anyone in the family!


Make a Scrapbook

You can save piles of drawings by condensing them into a scrapbook. Here are a few options to help you get creativity flowing:

  • Purchase a colorful binder and fill loose, plastic sleeves with your child’s drawings.
  • Invest in a beautiful scrapbook and glue the artwork inside the pages.
  • Take digital photos of your proud kid holding their artwork and print those photos to place in a scrapbook.
  • The beauty of this tip is that you get to decide how much time and effort you want to dedicate to the project.


Create a Display Wall

This fresh take on a DIY gallery wall offers an easy way to display child’s art. Create designated space in your home for hanging artwork — whether it’s in your child’s bedroom, the playroom, or an unused nook.

Evenly space out nails into rows on your wall. Loop durable string, like twine, around the nail and tie a knot. All you need it add is clothespins to hang your children’s latest designs! This is a quick afternoon task that makes a revolving display of preschool art projects easier to maintain.


Make it your phone's wallpaper

Nothing says "I'm proud of you and your creativity" like taking a photo of your childs art work and turning it into your smartphone's wallpaper. Every time you turn on your phone or get a text you'll be able smile at the awesome masterpiece your child created.


Are you ready to create custom canvas prints to display your kid’s art? Check out CanvasPop to get started!