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Top 2021 wall art trends

By Amy Wright | Mar 24, 2021

Wall decor is the perfect way to personalize and add your unique touch to your home. If you have framed art already or are just starting your collection, you may be wondering how to showcase your prints artistically to suit your space. Here are a few of our favorite wall art trends to take your personal gallery to the next level!

Large canvas prints

A single, interesting print can make a big statement. A framed canvas print above your sofa as a focal point for your living room is perfect. Measure your space first to decide how big you can go without detracting from your furniture and other decor. Choose a design and palette that complements the other colors in the room. For neutral rooms, consider a print in bold hues to offer a burst of color.

Large canvas print

Statement pieces

Whether it’s a portrait of yourself, your pet, or a fictional character, personalized wall art adds a unique touch to your home. People and pets offer a warm and comforting feel to a room and provide an attention-grabbing contrast to formal spaces. You can also commission a piece of canvas wall art that is tailored to your space. Custom pieces create the mood you want your room to give off to your guests.

Gallery walls

Can’t decide which photos to display? Display all of them with your own spin on a gallery wall. Experiment with a variety of prints, photographs, shapes, and sizes. Try hanging frames vertically or horizontally. If you’re unsure what arrangement will work best, arrange your photos on the floor first to get an idea of the grouping you want.

Contemporary drawings

If you love the look of modern art, try a line-drawn face or a freeform drawing. The minimalist design is the perfect complement to a formal or structured space. Simple black lines on a white background are reminiscent of Picasso and Matisse and will add instant elegance and artistic credibility to your room.


Large pieces are trending for wall art in 2021. Instead of using just one piece, however, try separating your design into three panels and hanging them side by side. The separation naturally draws the eye and intrigues the viewer into looking at each piece on its own and as part of a whole.

Triptych print

Animal prints

Also trending for wall art in 2021: animal prints. Not the cheetah and leopard spots you might be thinking of. Instead, animal art has taken on a new form with custom pet portraits. With three different filters, the choice of a custom background color, and the ability to add your pet’s name to the print, a custom Canvaspop pet portrait will put a smile on anyone’s face. Much like portrait art, animal art adds a natural warmth to the room.

Intentional color patterns

Designers are using colors to tell a story on gallery walls and in their clients’ homes. Try a series of prints in golds, reds, oranges, and yellows to convey the feeling of a summer sunset. Go for a palette of blues, greens, and white to mimic the colors of the sea. Allow your wall art to become an extension of your home’s decor.

A new dimension

Instead of hanging your prints against the wall, try propping them on floating shelves or displaying them in built-in cabinetry. Design your shelf decor around a favorite photo. Make a canvas print pop by pairing it with a vase of fresh flowers. No one ever said art had to stay stuck on your wall. Experiment with different items that bring out the beauty of your favorite pieces.

Ready to create your own wall art trends in 2021? Click the button below to get started.

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