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How to turn your summer adventures into timeless canvas prints

By Amy Wright | Sep 18, 2023

Whether you road-tripped across the country or kept things low-key in your own backyard, this summer was one for the books. As the season winds down, there’s no need to let your memories fade or leave your photos untouched on your phone. Why not transform your summer memories into stunning wall art? This guide will show you how to turn your summer adventures into timeless prints, perfect for showcasing your experiences and reminiscing all year round.

Capturing the Magic of Summer

Summer has a unique charm that’s hard to capture in words alone. It’s a season filled with long days, warm nights, and endless possibilities. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, exploring new places, or enjoying a backyard barbecue, summer offers countless moments worth preserving. One of the best ways to relive these moments is by turning your photos into wall art. Canvas prints and framed photos can bring a touch of summer magic to your home, allowing you to enjoy your favorite memories throughout the year.

Canvas print in living room of woman and dog by the pier.

Essential Tips for Capturing Stunning Summer Photos

With the ease of smartphone photography, capturing beautiful summer photos has never been simpler. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your iPhone or camera:

Golden Hour Photography

The early morning and late afternoon light provides the perfect conditions for outdoor photography. The sun’s soft, golden glow during these times creates beautiful, warm tones in your photos.

Sunset Silhouettes

Missed the golden hour? No problem! Use the setting sun to capture stunning silhouettes of trees, buildings, and loved ones, adding a dramatic effect to your photos.


Action Shots

Summer is a season of activity, so don’t shy away from capturing the action. Whether it’s kids playing, someone diving into the water, or a game of beach volleyball, action shots can convey the energy and fun of your summer adventures.


Cloudy Day Photography

Clouds can act as a natural diffuser, softening the light and making it easier to photograph water without harsh reflections. Take advantage of cloudy days to capture clear, vibrant images of lakes, rivers, and other water bodies.

Focus on Details

Summer is full of small, beautiful details. Capture close-ups of flowers, interesting textures, and vibrant colors to add variety to your photo collection.

Tell a Story

Your photos should tell the story of your summer. Use a mix of wide shots, close-ups, and candid moments to create a narrative that reflects your experiences.


Include People

Photos of landscapes and scenery can sometimes feel flat. Adding a person to the shot helps create depth and context, making your photos more engaging.

Canvas print in living room of family.

Turning Photos into Timeless Prints

Once you’ve captured your summer memories, it’s time to turn them into art. Canvaspop offers a range of options for creating personalized wall art, from canvas prints to framed photos. Here’s how you can transform your photos into stunning decor:

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are perfect for showcasing your favorite summer photos. Choose a single large print for a dramatic effect, or create a collage to capture multiple memories. Canvas prints can bring depth and texture to your walls, making them a standout feature in any room.

Canvas print by the stairway of mother, son, and the beach.

Framed Photos

Framed photos offer a classic, polished look. Select frames that complement your home decor and arrange your photos in a way that tells a story. Consider creating a gallery wall with a mix of photos and artwork to add visual interest to your space.

Triptych Canvases

For a unique and eye-catching display, consider a triptych canvas. This involves splitting a single photo into three panels, creating a panoramic effect that’s perfect for large wall spaces. It’s a great way to highlight stunning landscapes or special moments.

Triptych print of mountains and lake in bedroom

Collage Prints

If you have a lot of great photos, a collage print is an excellent way to showcase them all. Create a collage that captures the highlights of your summer, from family gatherings to scenic views. It’s a fun and dynamic way to relive your favorite moments.

Collage print of siblings

Seasonal Gallery Wall

Update your gallery wall with seasonal photos. Swap out winter and spring prints for your favorite summer memories to keep your decor fresh and relevant. It’s a great way to celebrate the changing seasons and keep your home looking lively.

Gallery wall of canvas prints and framed prints of family on wall

Creative Ideas for Displaying Your Summer Memories

Once you have your prints, it’s time to think about how to display them. Here are some creative ideas to inspire you:

Transform Kids’ Art into Wall Decor

Involve your kids in preserving summer memories by turning their artwork into framed prints. Let them draw or paint scenes from their summer adventures, and then display their creations alongside your photos for a personal touch.

Highlight Seasonal Changes

Create a gallery wall that changes with the seasons. During summer, fill it with bright, sunny photos. In the fall, swap them out for autumn landscapes and cozy indoor scenes. This keeps your decor dynamic and engaging.

Showcase Events and Gatherings

Summertime is filled with events like family reunions, weddings, and outdoor concerts. Use your wall art to highlight these special occasions. Create dedicated spaces for event photos to make them a focal point in your home.

Canvas print of couple in a field with RV in living room

Use Negative Space

When displaying large prints, make sure to balance them with plenty of negative space. This helps prevent your walls from feeling cluttered and allows each piece of art to stand out.

Create a Nature-Inspired Gallery

Combine photos of your summer adventures with nature-inspired prints. Include images of flowers, trees, and landscapes to bring the outdoors inside and create a serene, calming environment.

Elderly couple holding hands in the woods

Relive Your Summer Adventures All Year Round

The best part about turning your summer photos into wall art is that it allows you to relive those special moments every day. Whenever you miss the warmth and excitement of summer, you can look at your prints and remember the fun times you had with family and friends.

Preserving your summer memories in wall decor is the perfect way to keep the spirit of the season alive in your home. With Canvaspop, you can easily create stunning, high-quality prints that will last a lifetime. Start creating your timeless summer prints today and turn your favorite memories into beautiful pieces of art Ready to turn your summer memories into timeless prints? Transform your photos with Canvaspop and enjoy the beauty of summer all year long.

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