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Photo Collage

Create a photo collage with just a few clicks.

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A beautiful way to display your photo memories.

Up to 36 images can be added to a collage.

Up to 36 Photos. One Canvas.

Perfect for 3-36 photos on one canvas.

It's really easy to get started with our templates.

Fun Templates

Lots of great, easy to use templates so your layouts will look great.

Upload from anywhere.

Upload from Anywhere

Simple bulk upload directly from your device, computer, Instagram and Facebook.

Get an instant preview of your collage.

Instant Preview

Real-time preview and free instant digital proof before we print it.

Oh so simple.

We made the process of creating your collage as simple as possible.

Step 1.

Pick your size and photo collage template.

Step 2.

Grab your photos from anywhere.

Step 3.

Customize your framing options.

Step 4.

We print it and ship it to your door ready to hang!

You don't need to be Picasso to create a Photo Collage.

We take care of the magic — so you don't need to be an artist to make a beautiful photo collage- our awesome application takes care of all the hard stuff. All you do is pick you favorite images and place them where you want. You’re in full control.

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A gift that will bring tears to their eyes (the good kind).

Looking for the perfect gift? Nothing is more thoughtful and fun than a photo gift idea that's designed to last and to make them smile (or cry).

Capture all your favorite memories from the past and bring them to life as a photo collage.

A gift that bring tears to their eyes.
Framing Options.

Framing Options

Choose from 0.75", 1.25" or even 2.5" canvas wrap depth. Add a quality wooden frame for that extra touch.

Design Control.

Design Control

You can even pick the amount of spacing between your photos and choose between a black or white background.

Lovingly Packaged.

Lovingly Packaged

Your art will be carefully packaged by hand to make sure it arrives in perfect condition. Guaranteed.

Ready to Hang.

Ready to Hang

Pull it out of the box and hang it on your wall. Heck, we even include the nail!

Want to create your own Photo Collage?

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What makes photo collages so great?

You can add nearly anything to a photo collage when you make it online. And all your images don’t have to be plain photos, either. You can upload your child’s latest drawing, an image with text overlay, and more. Combining a blank canvas with the imagination, your options are unlimited. It’s like creating a photo album with all your favorite images on display instead of flipping through a coffee table photo album or scrolling through a photo app trying to find those vacation pics from 2012.

Why CanvasPop?

Tons of picture collage makers litter the internet. But the technology and machines used to create photo displays are far from relatable. CanvasPop is a company made of people like you who understand the power of a high quality image. To us, it’s more about the product than the price. We understand that photos aren’t just images—they’re life.

You give us high-res pics, we’ll give you a story board of memories to last a lifetime.

Build your collage on the go.

You don’t have to spend hours trying to find the perfect picture frame online anymore thanks to cutting edge technology that allows you to create photo collages right on your computer or phone. You can do it anywhere nowadays. CanvasPop’s new and improved, mobile-friendly photo collage builder makes creating the perfect collage on your iPhone or Android device a piece of cake. Sit back and build while sipping a hot cup of java in the local coffee shop—no photo collage app necessary.

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Sometimes, photos get deleted from devices after they’ve been uploaded to your social media accounts. The improved photo collage maker by CanvasPop allows you to integrate photos from your device or straight from Facebook and Instagram, so there’s no need to download old photos and waste more storage space on your phone or computer.

Our builder lets you piece together the perfect puzzle of pictures with ease. No crashing apps, no popup ads. Just choose between a canvas collage or framed print collage and select your size. We offer canvas collages ranging from 12x12 inches to 72x24 inches, and our framed print collages range up to 48x18 inches, with the largest sizes able to fit up to 24 images in your custom collage.

There’s no special science behind building a digital collage. Anyone can do it. Yes, it’s important that each picture fits in each pre-sized spot of the collage template without blurring or pixelating. That’s why our in-house design team ensures that you get top quality results optimized for any size canvas, every time.

Why make a picture collage online?

Using your printer at home sure beats trekking to big box stores to print what you hope will be high quality photos. But printing your pics at home can get expensive when you print tons at a time. Buying cheap printer ink and photo paper puts the quality of your photos at risk. Plus, what type of photo paper should you use? Luster? Glossy? Matte?

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Creating a collage online eliminates the stress of running out of ink or purchasing the wrong photo paper. You can also add more pictures to a larger canvas online without compromising the quality of your images.

With the rise of social media and advanced technology, creating a collage is as simple as connecting your Facebook account to the online collage maker and choosing from your uploaded photos.

Create the perfect gift.

Save time and your sanity by skipping the Mod Podge and washi tape and going straight for a digital collage maker. With plenty of layouts to choose from, making a photo collage online is as simple as dragging and dropping images on a digital canvas. Rekindle the smiles and laughter of days past—give the gift of a customized canvas photo collage.

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Mother’s Day

Spring is the season of new beginnings, and with it comes the celebration of mothers across the world. Finding the most meaningful gift for Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be so complicated. Any mom would love a personalized collection of funny faces, warm smiles, and other kodak moments from her kids.

Father’s Day

Dad’s office could always use more pictures, and Father’s Day is the perfect time to present him with a new photo collage. Memories snapped during hunting season, father-son fishing trips, or elementary school daddy-daughter breakfasts would make perfect additions to his office desk.

Grandparents Day

Nothing warms Grandma and Grandpa’s hearts more than seeing their grandkids smile. With a collage of happy faces, their memories stick around even after the kids go home.

Valentine’s Day

Flowers die. Candy disappears. Teddy bears get forgotten or thrown away. But, when printed right, pictures can last forever. A fridge magnet, tumbler, or wall canvas collage is a constant reminder of the bond you share with your significant other.


Need ideas for birthday gifts? A unique picture collage of the memories you’ve made together makes a perfect gift. From bumming on your favorite beach towel to that time you saw Katy Perry in concert (don’t worry, we won’t talk about that one time you almost literally ran into Justin Bieber in NYC…), sharing the ways you captured your favorite moments means more than just another book or sweater.


A collage made of photos of a couple across the years serves as a touching anniversary gift, whether celebrating their 5th or 50th wedding anniversary.

Winter holidays

The annual family wall calendar makes an excellent gift for friends and family members. Show off this year’s extracurricular activities with a collage of sports photos. Include a collection of photos from your most recent family vacation. The options are endless for this holiday gift, perfect to kickstart the new year.

Preserve your memories in a photo collage.

Life is a collage of moments, and the most memorable ones are meant to be shared. Don’t hoard all your pictures on your mobile device or in the Cloud. When you snap the perfect pictures, get creative in how you share them.

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Baby photos

From ultrasound pictures for the baby shower to baby’s first birthday, new parents often document their baby’s every step. Phones and cameras are cluttered with hundreds of photos. Instead of letting them suck up space across the years, get creative with a digital photo collage maker and design a canvas print with 12 photos at the end of your newborn’s first year.

High school graduation

The first few pages of high school yearbooks are packed with collages of senior photos. One of the earliest milestones in a person’s life is their high school graduation. Don’t forget your Canon on this momentous occasion. Senior picture collages also make great gifts for relatives.

Engagement photos

Save-the-dates and wedding invitations are ideal opportunities to create your own collages to share the magic of this moment with friends and family.

Wedding photos

Many couples choose to hire professional photographers to capture the memories of this milestone, so snapping pictures is one less thing the bride and groom need to worry about during the craziness of the reception.

Wedding photos also make great gifts for members of the wedding party.

Family vacations

Capture your daughter’s excitement when she meets her favorite Disney character in Orlando. Snap a pic of your family at a safe distance from Mauna Loa, the world’s largest volcano, in Hawaii. Never let these moments slip by—and don’t forget to add them to the wall calendar collages!


Many people put together picture collages for loved ones’ funerals. Creating these displays is a way of honoring those who’ve passed on and celebrating the good times they’ve shared with so many. A professionally printed and framed photo collage adds an elegant, respectable touch to tough times.

Find creative ways to display your collage.

A home isn’t a home without a little character. Spice up your space by getting creative with how you decorate with picture collages. Although the days of acrylic paint family portraits surrounded by elaborately decorated wooden frames have faded, canvas prints will never go out of style.

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A multi-canvas family piece of wall art enhances the comfort level in a modern home. Add an iron-framed photo collage to the staircase so you’ll always be surrounded by the ones you love even when they’re not with you.

Even give your bedroom a warmer touch by hanging a decorative photo collage with a sentimental quote printed on canvas above your headboard.

Want to embarrass your son or daughter in front of their girlfriend or boyfriend? Whip out a photo book with nothing but pages and pages of baby picture collages.

It’s easy and artsy to display a collage on an easel. This technique is perfect for incorporating larger collages at events, whether in a ballroom, firehall, or dining area.

When it comes to showing off your collage creation, your options—and opportunities—are endless.