Best Personalized Mother's Day Gift ideas

By Amy Wright | Dec 30, 2020

All the incredibly strong mothers out there deserve to be celebrated every day. So how do you choose a gift that will truly show how thankful you are to have that superwoman (mom, partner, stepmomma, mother-in-law, g-ma, etc.) in your life? Get personal! Make her feel extra special this Mother’s Day by gifting her with something that is meaningful, unique and heartfelt. Need a little inspo to get started? Take a look at these 9 personalized Mother’s Day gift ideas that are sure to warm her heart.

1. DIY Body Scrub

Start with a basic homemade sugar scrub recipe and then personalize it by adding her favourite scents (lavender, coffee, vanilla, coconut, etc.) and putting it all together with a cute card. You can even name the scrub after her. Debbie’s scrub a dub?


2. Relaxation in a box

Create your own “treat yoself” package. Gift that special momma with all of her faves that will help her pause and unwind. Choose her favorite chocolate, wine, face mask, book, candle, bath bomb, body butter, or anything else that she loves.


3. Personalized canvas print

Can’t quite put it into words? Put it on a canvas print. A canvas print of a beautiful photo together will bring her joy every time she sees it.


Get a canvas print for Mother's Day!
Print a photo for mom

4. Knitted wool socks

This unique gift will knock her socks off! She will definitely apprecitate the extra effort of you knitting them yourself. Choose her favorite color or a pattern to personalize them. If its your first time knitting, then they definitely will be extra unique. A gift that will warm her feet and also her heart (awe).


5. The gift of time

What’s a better gift than spending time together? Surprise her by doing an activity together. Get inspired with these amazing ways to surprise mom.


6. Matching engraved jewelry

Gift her with sentimental one-of-a-kind jewelry by engraving her favorite quote or each other’s names. Knowing that you have matching jewelry will also help her feel more connected to you when you two are apart.


7. Coupons of chores and favours

This gift is wonderfully thoughtful and also very useful. Any busy mom will appreciate being able to redeem a helping hand from you or a lovely favor.


Photo cred. Hip2Save

8. A collage of memories

Can’t choose just one photo to print? Making a collage of your cherished memories together or of family photos is an incredible way to pull on her heart strings.


Get a collage for Mother's Day!
Print your photos for mom

9. A custom mug

She loves coffee almost as much as she loves you (okay, maybe it's a tie). Why not combine the two? Now she can see your face or your inspiring or funny personalized message everytime she slurps on that magnificent brew.


Print your photos for Mother's day!
Print a photo for mom

So no matter what personalized gift you decide to choose for that special woman in your life, if it’s from the heart, it’s sure to be a hit. Remember, simply reminding her how much you love and appreciate her will also go an extremely long way.

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