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Are you looking for unique canvas wall art? Check out the new option to add reclaimed wood frames to your canvas prints.

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Our reclaimed wood frames are handcrafted in North America from wood that's been salvaged from decommissioned buildings.

This includes wood from torn down barns, factories, warehouses, deconstructed homes and other structures. Instead of sending this wood to the landfill, we’re creating jobs and turning it into beautiful, recycled wood frames.

  • Make a statement with high quality frames made from reclaimed wood
  • Support a good cause
  • Be kind to the environment
  • Incorporate beautiful reclaimed wood into your home in a creative way
  • Move away from mass consumption
  • Add warmth to any room
  • Let your canvas prints tell a unique story

Rustic picture frames for your Canvas Prints

The perfection is in the imperfection, and the raw, varied look of these rustic picture frames is part of the appeal. Because every wooden frame is unique, yours may be slightly darker or lighter than what you see on our website. You may see knots, rings, variations in grain or other character-enhancing traits. Every piece has a story to tell.

Save trees, create jobs, make something beautiful. Reclaimed wood frames are now available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is reclaimed wood?

Reclaimed wood is salvaged wood that was originally used in a building or structure and can be repurposed. It typically comes from decommissioned barns, warehouses, old homes, and other structures, but can also include hardwood flooring or walls. Framing your canvas print with rustic looking wood turns it into a unique, gorgeous product with an interesting history - and a great story to tell.

Where does your reclaimed wood come from?

We source our reclaimed wood from a variety of places. Every piece is carefully inspected and sorted to ensure quality. We work with Rainforest Alliance Certified partners to provide you with the best quality reclaimed wood frames available anywhere.

Why would someone want a reclaimed wood frame?

Owning a frame made from reclaimed wood is like owning a piece of history. This unique wood can’t be manufactured, it can only come from wood that’s matured through decades of history. Because no new wood is used in the process, a reclaimed wood frame is a sustainable way to enhance the look of your canvas print.

What is the depth of the frame?

All reclaimed wood frames are 1.5” in depth.

What type of prints can I order with reclaimed wood?

Reclaimed wood frames are available for all sizes of canvas prints.

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