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At CanvasPop our marketing team is small but nimble. We like to think of ourselves as the Navy Seals of e-commerce. We use the latest social media tools, PR, analytics and unconventional marketing tactics to stand out in the marketplace.

Marketing driven. Driven to succeed.

We're driven by data and data is what drives us. We test everything. If you're a highly motivated person who likes to be challenged, consider joining our world-class team.

We've been waiting for you.

What we're talking about.

Touching photos of a family’s special bond with the magpie they rescued, via @petapixel:

How to create a time slice photograph that captures the passage of time, via @petapixel:

16 amazing wallpaper designs that we're loving, via @designsponge:

A seasonal guide to gorgeous wedding flowers, via @POPSUGARHome:

A badly injured squirrel gets adopted by a human family in Finland, via @LostAtEminor:

Photographer finds the exquisite, bald beauty in Sphynx cats. Via @mashable:

Small portioned junk food artfully plated as gourmet meals, via @laughingsquid:

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10 artists to follow on #Instagram, and why you should! Via @AptTherapy:

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