We put a lot of effort into making the best quality canvas prints in the world with the most amazing customer service. We get a lot of love from customers, reviewers and media in return.

These are real, unedited, unsolicited testimonials from our customers- they were received via email, Twitter and Facebook comments.

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Real CanvasPop Reviews and Testimonials

“I’m still not sure how CanvasPop does it, but I’ve seen several other friends order prints and their quality is also amazing. Whatever printing process they do, it is the best I’ve seen done from digital files to canvas”
C.C Chapman C.C Chapman
“I was impressed with the quality, particularly given the original image is 612 x 612 pixels at a resolution of 72 dpi...they look great in rows.”
Lauren Indvik Mashable.com
“When my canvas arrived, I was floored: The image is vibrant and the overall quality is incredible -- thick canvas, perfectly folded corners and it comes ready to hang. I was so obsessed with the piece I picked up an art light to give it even more attention.”
Amy Preiser AOL's ShelterPop.com
“The results they achieved from a tiny FaceBook pic printed on large canvas was quite frankly amazing. With high quality materials, competitive pricing, and a wide variety of print options, CanvasPop.com has set themselves apart from the competition.”
Liz Masoner About.com
“CanvasPop is definitely something to be proud of. I'm without question a long term customer now.”
Kyle Kappmeier
“I'm really loving these new prints from @CanvasPop. They make me want to take many, many more photos.”
“I received my canvas artwork from a low res image & it's fantastic… It looks better live than what it did on the web!”
Jon Mamela Fairmont Hotels & Resort
“Our corporate art turned out perfectly, and I thoroughly appreciate your wonderful customer service and efforts behind this project. Thank you!”
Experian Interactive Media
“I received my canvas artwork and they look fabulous! …I look forward to working with you again on bigger projects.”

“I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT! I received my first custom canvas art from you and couldn't be happier with the quality and appearance. You exceeded my expectations. What's more, your customer service is top notch!”
Jen R. Tacoma, WA
“You got a customer for life! He loved his personalized photo gift! Tears in his eyes, loved it! Thank you for everything.”
Arlette Y. Boston, MA
“I can't thank you and your team enough for such a fabulous job on the pictures...It was fantastic! I’m very impressed with the quality of the printing on canvas. It definitely made the work stand out among an utter glut of art.”
Jackson Lynch. NYC, New York
“...the images we chose for our corporate art exceeded my expectations. Rest assured I will be recommending CanvasPop to clients, friends and family. Thanks for fantastic customer service.”
Derrick P. Sherman Oaks, CA
“What impressed me most about my canvas artwork was the attention to detail…Thank you for offering such a quality product.”
Paul G. Kelowna, Canada
“I recently used this F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S company for printing on canvas. I love the result and I give their customer service 5 stars! I'm so delighted with my new piece of canvas art.”
Laurie C. Seattle, WA
“Thank you to your expert designer for her patience and help throughout the process of printing on canvas...Chris was also a great help! I will definitely be using CanvasPop in the future.”
Adele E. Toronto, Canada

Overheard on the Twitter

"I love my @CanvasPop... a great way to display a wedding photo... #lovecanvaspop" - @B.Melvin

"I absolutely LOVE what @CanvasPop did the picture I sent in. Check them out for a great gift idea! I can't wait to do more! #lovecanvaspop" - @JessiO

"We got our @CanvasPop canvases today and they are gorgeous. Well made and they are going to look great on the wall! #lovecanvaspop" - @tachiu

"@CanvasPop great results + great guarantee + great service. #lovecanvaspop" - @rike77

"VERY impressed with how my @CanvasPop photos came out. First time trying canvas development. #lovecanvaspop" - @Phillyberg

"@CanvasPop just got my big canvas for my bridal show... Love it! Great work...I am picking out my next canvas already! #lovecanvaspop" - @Seannak

"My @CanvasPop has arrived. I love it! (& I love what is in the pic) #lovecanvaspop" - @jcobler

"@CanvasPop Thanks for the shout out.. CanvasPop. I love your stuff and use it for my iPhone App @shakeitphoto all the time." - @nickvegas

Live via Twitter

MT @BrunnerCreative: @CanvasPop">http://www.twitter.com/CanvasPop">@CanvasPop Awesome Work! Just rcvd my 36 x 54 canvas. Incredible color and craft. @CanvasPop">http://www.twitter.com/CanvasPop">@CanvasPop

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@BrunnerCreative Lovely photo! You made our job super easy :)

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